Brian Mulligan is Always Ready For Change


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Change is Constant
Brian Mulligan is the C.E.O. who knows very well that change is a constant within every aspect of life. This includes the world of business. Mr. Mulligan is a leader who can keep up with the ever changing world. He is a remarkable and very fortunate man who believes in good old fashioned values. This includes a strong work ethic, a trustworthy character, along with the ability to keep up with the constant changes that are inevitable. A positive mental attitude is vital for any leader. Brian holds the powerful belief that a clear mental attitude is necessary for everyone. He includes himself in this belief.

The Current CEO of Brooknol Advisors
Brian Mulligan is the CEO of Brooknol Advisors. This is a media, entertainment, and sports advisory company. He is well versed in many areas. He has held the numerous positions. Brian Mulligan has a broad career that certainly reflects his own high standards and values. He is currently the CEO of Brooknol Advisors. This is a company that is all about media, entertainment, and sports advisory. Sound business innovation plays a vital role in this industry. Mr. Mulligan has been at Brooknol Advisors since January of 2006. This media and entertainment consulting does need an individual who is always ready for change.

The Man With the Impressive Career
Brian Mulligan does indeed have a broad and highly impressive career. This is a highly talented individual who proves to be impressive in everything that he does. He is interesting in every way. Success and Brian Mulligan are a trustworthy combination. It may be his unbending values that have led this man to a path of constant success. He is an individual who stays on top of the ever-changing world.

Always Involved
Brian Mulligan is more that just business and career. This is an individual who is always involved in the world. His life clearly shows his commitment in many ways. He does indeed have a full life that is separate from work and change. He has been involved in many philanthropic activities. He is an active participant of life. He has set an outstanding example for many. Sports has been a major expertise for Mr. Mulligan. His interests have spread out to Children’s Research Hospital. He has been known to coach and mentor youth. This is a man who is always involved and who is known to be ready for change.

Nestle Continues to Bottle Water in California amidst Protest and Drought


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In corporations that don’t care about basic human rights news, Nestle has publicly stated that it will continue to bottle water in California amidst rampant protests and years of drought. Not only that but they also said they’d like to increase production in the water-sick state.

Residents of California are being asked to cut their water use by up to 36% in some places. All the while Nestle, a foreign company, is pulling in loads of water and selling it at a ridiculous markup to the same people who are being asked to turn off their taps.

As businessmen like Christian Broda are aware, Starbucks recently pulled the plug on their water bottling facility in California for ethical reasons. Nestle and Wal-Mart continue taking water from the state and selling it back to people for 100 times more than they paid for it.

Nestle sees the move as helpful to the people of California. After all, when no drinking water is available in your neighborhood where do you turn? Sometimes buying bottled water is the only way to access safe drinking water. In poverty stricken neighborhoods families spend up to 10% of their overall income on purchasing water to drink and cook with.

Pipe Responsible for Oil Spill in California


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As if California doesn’t have enough to worry about with the lack of water in the state, there has been an oil spill off the southern coast. This spill is the result of a broken pipeline. Residents who live in the area noticed the smell of fumes. There have been at least 20,000 gallons of oil that have spilled into the water with the leak stretching to about four miles wide. The pipeline has been shut off, and there are efforts in place to get the spill cleaned up before it spreads farther. This is the kind of incident that makes people wonder if drilling really is safe. Keith Mann ( knows that there have been accidents before, but this is a simple pipe. If it can happen this easily, then where will the next pipe break? Who will take responsibility, and will there be anyone who steps up to find other resources instead of oil?

Company Using Water in Drought Stricken California


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California is currently under water restrictions. There is a company that is using water from the state in its bottling. The CEO of the company was recently asked whether he would stop using the water from California, and his answer is something so ridiculous that you have to wonder why is in charge of the company in the first place. Not only does he not plan on stopping production, but he wants to consider using more water from the state. Most companies would realize the effects that this would have on the state. There are also companies that are simply too greedy and want the money more than they care about the people who are affected by their decisions. This is a man who NextPointAdvice and James Dondero feel should think twice about his bottling tactics as the state is already looking at a significant decrease of water for residents over the next few years.

California Celebrities Aren’t Taking The Water Shortage Seriously


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Aerial Photos Prove That Hollywood Stars Continue To Water Their Gardens And Lawns In Spite Of The Drought And Water Restrictions

It had to happen sooner or later. The elite celebrities in Southern California have no plans to let their lawns and gardens suffer during the worst drought in 1,000 years. The Post released aerial photos of Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Julia Roberts, Cher, Barbra Streisand and Kim Kardashian’s exterior landscapes, and they are as green as the Amazon rainforest. Those stars and over hundred other celebrities continue to ignore the fact that California has than a year’s worth of drinking water left in their reservoirs.

The estates north of Los Angeles are using as much water as the estates in Beverly Hills, according to the Post. One official said that 70 percent of the district’s water is being used to keep the shrubs, lawns and trees green in over 100 estates. From what folks at Amen Clinics ( have found, the issue is those people can afford to pay for the extra water. The fine for using too much water is pocket change for them.

The Celebrities try to defend their excessiveness by saying they have cut their water usage, but most people know they won’t stop unless they are hit with fines that make a sizable dent in their bank accounts.

Nestle Bottles Water From Drought-Stricken California, Sells It Back To California


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Nestle is under fire after it became world news that one of its bottling plants, Nestlé Waters North America, which has been based out of Sacramento since 2010, is bottling water from the drought-stricken state and putting it back on the market.

This is not good for Nestle, a company that was heavily criticized only two years ago after CEO Peter Brabeck went on the record to say that clean water should not be a basic human right, and instead should be bottled and sold to remind consumers of its value.

The California drought has now hit its fourth year, and residents are appalled that a major company like Nestle is taking their limited water and selling it at a profit. While Nestle is trying to assure the public that it is paying for the water just like everyone else, there’s a question of human ethics as to whether Nestle is doing the right thing for Californians.

It takes 1.3 gallons of water for every gallon of water Nestle bottles, and 80% of it is staying in California. Meaning that Nestle is taking a much needed natural resource, repackaging it, and selling it back to the people, to put it lightly says Susan McGalla.

Sacremento activists plan to hold a demonstration in June.

Award Winning Solar Powered Device Makes Salt Water Drinkable


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A group from MIT and Jain Irrigation systems won the Desal Prize in a competition to create a sustainable desalination device that could be used in developing countries. Competitors for the prize were required to submit technology that was sustainable, energy efficient and cost-effective.

The winning invention is powered by solar panels and runs an electric current through salt water. The electric current pulls salt from the water while ultraviolet rays provide sanitization.

Tested in New Mexico, the device ran for multiple periods of 24 hours and desalinized 2,100 gallons of water per day. Further testing will take place in an even dryer environment where the technology will undergo simulations of everyday use.

The purpose of these tests are to develop the device to where it can be effectively used in rural and developing areas that have access to salt water yet a shortage of fresh water, something that Beneful feels could be very beneficial in California. As many developing nations experience water shortage, the invention could prove to be a truly life enhancing solution for many by providing enough fresh water to supply a family farm.

The inventors were rewarded $140,000 for their project.

William Shatner Has An Idea That Could Help Drought Stricken California


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The 84-Year-Old Actor Is Starting A Kickstarter Campaign

Bill Shatner is one of those guys that is bigger than life. He is an accomplished television and movie actor, but he is also an author and avid fundraiser. Shatner lives in California and he wants to help fix the water issue. In other words, Captain Kirk wants the state to go one step beyond and think about the resources in neighboring states. San Diego is building a desalination plant, a very big desalination plant, in their city to turn sea water into drinking water. That’s one idea, but it is an expensive one.

The $30 billion concept that Shatner is proposing is expensive too, but it does make some sense. He wants to build a pipeline similar to the Alaskan pipeline that will deliver water from Seattle to a lake in California. A consultant of Shatners, Ricardo Tosto (more from Ricardo at, said Lake Mead is a good choice, but other lakes could serve the purpose as well. Like all good ideas, it needs support and in California there is always as much opposition as there is support.

Raising $30 billion through a Kickstarter program is not easy. Shatner knows its an uphill battle to bring water down to the state through a pipeline along Highway 5, but he also knows his idea will spark other ideas. Maybe something wet will start to flow out of those ideas.

The People In Californians Know There Is A Drought But The State’s Oil Companies Don’t Seem To Care


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In 2014 California Oil Producers Used 70 Million Gallons Of Water To Frack For Oil And Gas

California is experiencing the worst drought in decades, but the fracking for gas and oil still goes on. Fracking companies used 70 million gallons of water last year. Even though the state is under a mandatory reduction in water use, some Californians think the oil companies will continue to use the same amount of water and frack as usual.

Governor Brown’s water conservation plan is not the best plan for the masses, but it’s the only plan that works when farming, oil fracking and other industries are considered. Jaime Garcia Dias knows that the middle class will feel the impact of plan more than the wealthy and big business.

The question that most Californians are asking is why can’t the oil companies cut back? Crude oil storage facilities are as full as they have been in 80 years. Gas consumption is down, and it will continue to go down as alternative fuels are introduced. There’s not a better time than now to cut the water allocation for fracking to 50 percent of last year’s figure. We know politics won’t let that happen, but it should.