Handy Is A Great Technological Advancement


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Having a clean home is directly connected to a persons happiness. All too often, people let their houses get dirty. This isn’t saying anything bad about them. It’s a fact of life. People sometimes are too busy or too tired to clean. That’s because they have previous commitments that take up a lot of their time. Unfortunately, having a dirty home really starts to take a toll on a person. For one, it has psychological side effects. A person can begin to think that they are a failure if they can’t keep their house clean on techcrunch.com. Secondly, a dirty home can have physical effects on a person. Clutter can cause a person to trip and fall. Clutter can be particularly dangerous for those homes that have small kids and babies.

That’s why home cleaning services were invented. Home cleaning services is composed of other people who come in to clean a persons home and get paid to do it. It’s an exchange for services that has been around for many years. Unfortunately, the mistrust has also been apart of these companies. Some just want to take a persons money and offer very little or very crummy cleaning jobs.

That’s why Handy was invented. It takes away all the guesswork that comes with a home cleaning service. Handy is compromised of individuals who have gone rigorous background checks. They have been deemed to be safe and trustworthy in a person’s home. They also have the qualifications that make them great cleaners! A person never has to worry about getting overcharged for a terrible cleaning job. Handy workers get the job done. They are upfront about the price quota which really makes it easier on everyone involved.

All a person has to do is specify when and where they need the Handy cleaning services. They can get as little or as many rooms cleaned as they need. The best part is that the workers of Handy do not judge. They understand that it’s hard to keep up with housework. They are happy to do it. When someone is happy to do a job they in turn do a better job of cleaning! Handy is great for a person who needs a one time tidy up or a reoccurring cleaner.

Overall, many people are discovering the joys of Handy. It’s truly a technological advancement in the field of home cleaning services. A person can book their cleaner right through their smartphones. This makes it quick and easy! Handy is truly a great resource for those who are too busy or who simply don’t know how to clean. These workers of Handy have been doing cleaning for quite sometime and they understand all the tips and tricks to make it work. They’ll know just how to polish a table to make it shine and how to make a room smell amazing!

Handy Redifining Home Cleaning Services


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Handybook is making waves in the new market for cleaning and home repair booking services. Founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, Handybook allows customers to order for a plumber, home cleaner or handyman through their mobile phones on slate.com. Through a mobile app and a website, this service saves customers the stress of having to deal with maid services and cleaning agencies that are often unreliable and complicated.

Customers who want to get access to this service only need to enter their ZIP code, the start time and the rooms that need cleaning. They then get a price quotation that includes a tax and tip. There is no need to worry about being overcharged anymore.

Handybook not only benefits the customer but the cleaner, too. Professionals who get to work with Handy benefit from a flexible schedule and a dependable pay. They earn between $15 and $22 per hour. Moreover, they get to choose the hours they are willing to work for and the amount of money they want to earn before accepting a job.

Due to quality concerns, Handybook professionals are highly vetted through background checks and face-to-face interviews. Out of the thousands who have applied, only 3 percent have been accepted. As Hanrahan puts it, it is actually harder to get in Handybook than it is to get into Harvard. If the customer happens to be unsatisfied by the work done, Handybook guarantees that they will get their money back. It also takes care of the replacement costs for any damage done.

This new business model looks to benefit both sides of the market. For the cleaners, it is like having an ATM machine in your pocket. They are able to get reported income and never have to worry about being undercharged for their services anymore. To the customer, the service is like having a remote control in your home.

Two years after its inception, Handy has grown immensely. Bookings per week have gone up to $1 million. According to the CEO Umang Dua, the run rate has increased to $52 million up from $3 million. All these has been achieved through re-branding.

Handy currently operates in 25 cities in the United States, two cities in Canada and is now in London. More than 200,000 potential cleaners and workers have applied to the site. More than 5,000 professionals are actively working, doing at least one job per month.

Consumers are really warming up to the idea of mobile phone service booking. Handy hopes to extend its services beyond home cleaning. At the moment, a whopping 85 percent of the revenue comes from house cleaning. The other 15 percent comes from a combination of plumbing services and handyman services.