Frank Guerra to Co-Lead in the Syngenta Corn Litigation


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Francisco, “Frank” Guerra (iv) from Watts Guerra Company was appointed to be a Co-Lead counsel for the In Re: Syngenta Litigation on August 5, 2015. According to Business Wire, honorable Thomas M. Sipkins signed an order file no. 27-CV-15-3785 to usher in Mr. Frank to double as Co-Lead counsel and a member of the Plaintiff’s Executive committee. The MDL no.2591 allows for the consolidated Minnesota action to cooperate and coordinate with the existing Multidistrict Litigation while waiting for Honorable John W. Lunsgtrum of the United States District Court for the district of Kansas. It is still pending before the Honorable. The MDL team and the Guerra team already have a Formal Joint Prosecution Agreement.

Guerra’s firm currently has 21,000 claims from individuals who are against Syngenta that amounts to approximately 92% of the total cases involved. Following the figures, the judge appointed him (Mr. Guerra) to coordinate litigation that specifically involves Genetically Modified corn and its impact to the American corn price drop.

For his acceptance speech to the two roles bestowed upon him, he said, “I am honored to represent American farmers and other American workers and businesses. I was raised working on my family’s land, and I understand the impact of the corn market price drop caused by Syngenta’s actions. Our firm looks to bring justice and financial assistance to those financially damaged by Syngenta’s actions.”

The lawyers and associates of Guerra’s company have also made notable milestones. One such milestone is that of Mr. Mikal Watts, a partner of the company Watt Guerra LLP. He filed in the court of law the very first Federal Pradaxa Injury and death cases in the whole of the United States. He then moved to consolidate the federal litigation and spear headed $650 million in resolutions to the affected parties. In addition to that, it is the only company in the whole country to represent Pradaxa Injury and wrongful deaths.

For his prowess, the 45-year old attorney, Mr. Watts, graduated from the University of Texas after only two years of schooling with A Bachelor of Arts high honors. And at the age of 21, he already had a bachelor’s degree of law from University of Texas Law School under his belt.

Frank and his company have also won some notable legal wars such as coordinating hundreds of cases against Firestone and Ford. Injuries were caused by Firestone injuries AT tire failures.

Pacific Blob Could Explain Unusual Weather Patterns


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The United States has been seeing extremely strange weather patterns in the last few years. Droughts out West, increased snowfall in the East and arctic blasts across the Midwest have scientists clambering to come up with answers.

A large pocket of warmer than usual water in the Pacific, affectionately nicknamed the blob, may be to blame. Since 2013 there has been a large pool of water off the West Coast, extending from Alaska to Mexico, about 7 degrees warmer than average.

Some scientists speculate that the blob may be to blame for the strange weather patterns around the country. They believe the warm water is creating a high pressure ridge that is incapacitating normal weather patterns that deliver moisture to the West.

It isn’t just the weather that’s being affected. Sam Tabar knows that the warm water is impacting wild life in a huge way. Schools of tropical fish not indigenous to the coastal waters are moving in. The entire ecosystem is being disrupted by the changes in water temperature.

Scientists believe this pocket of warm water is part of a much larger natural cycle. They think it could be a precursor to El Nino which would bring in much needed moisture to the West Coast. Either way it could provide valuable data regarding how water temperatures affect weather cycles.

The People In Californians Know There Is A Drought But The State’s Oil Companies Don’t Seem To Care


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In 2014 California Oil Producers Used 70 Million Gallons Of Water To Frack For Oil And Gas

California is experiencing the worst drought in decades, but the fracking for gas and oil still goes on. Fracking companies used 70 million gallons of water last year. Even though the state is under a mandatory reduction in water use, some Californians think the oil companies will continue to use the same amount of water and frack as usual.

Governor Brown’s water conservation plan is not the best plan for the masses, but it’s the only plan that works when farming, oil fracking and other industries are considered. Jaime Garcia Dias knows that the middle class will feel the impact of plan more than the wealthy and big business.

The question that most Californians are asking is why can’t the oil companies cut back? Crude oil storage facilities are as full as they have been in 80 years. Gas consumption is down, and it will continue to go down as alternative fuels are introduced. There’s not a better time than now to cut the water allocation for fracking to 50 percent of last year’s figure. We know politics won’t let that happen, but it should.

California in Dire Straits over Lack of Water


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Now in its fourth year of enduring extreme drought, California is facing big water rationing. Brought on by insufficient precipitation, along with hot temperatures and snow packs that are the lowest in history, the water reserves that California does still have are quickly disappearing. The state is in such dire need of water, with no relief in sight, that Jay Famiglietti, a NASA scientist, believes California will have gone through all its treasured caches of water within a year.

No need to panic just yet though. Fortunately for California’s general public, Famiglietti’s casual statement will not come to fruition in a years’ time. Per the Metropolitan Water District of southern California’s general manager Jeffrey Kightlinger, “It’s a glib generalization of where the situation is at,” maintaining that the 19 million citizens of Southern California will not have their water supply cut off. With rationing and conscious usage, the water reserves in his districtwill sustain the population for at least three more years.

Folks at Anastasia Date have learned that, with farmers using 80 percent of the state’s water supply, they are likely to be hit the hardest. Some of California’s farmers have had their water supply limited, forcing some 400,000 acres of good farming land to be shut down last year, with an expected one million to be unused this year. This is bad news for consumers of fruits and vegetables. Almost half of the nuts and produce the U.S. consumes comes from these now barren croplands. Because of health and sanitation issues, water slated for farmland may need to be re-routed to the public. Without water, farmers of pistachios, almonds and grapes for wine will die, along with millions of dollars the farmers would have reaped from these crops that require water daily.

Go Away Winter


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It might be a new month, but that doesn’t mean winter is over. There is yet another winter storm barreling down on the people who live in the eastern part of the United States. Some might think that winter is a season of playing in the snow, building snowmen and relaxing in front of a warm fire, but after this season, many people just want it to be over. Enough is enough as the snow seems to fall each week. People at Anastasia Date have heard that there are cancellations everywhere as schools close and business take action to protect customers and employees. Bring on the warm weather of spring and summer as soon as possible as this is a time of getting outside and out from under the brutal cold that has gripped the country. Next year might be just as bad, worse or better, but until then, the hold of winter needs to let go as soon as possible.

Leaf Cycle Changes a Result of Climate Change


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Over the past thirty years, the timing of leaf emergence and leaf death have been significantly altered due to changes in the global climate. Alexei Beltyukov has read that, though leaf cycles have been suspect to change, their newly timed patterns could in turn play a role in impacting climate change over the next coming years. Changes in leaf cycles have the power to change levels of relative heat exchange between land and atmosphere, manipulate the formation of cloud types, as well as determine the amount of sunlight reflected away from Earth. Furthermore, alterations in an ecosystem’s vegetation emergence and death plays a role in the balance and sustainability of said ecosystem. Leaf changes do not only impact weather patterns, but also food availability for relevant animals.

Although the article detailing this information provides no suggestions as to how to combat these leave changes, such a prescription is not particularly necessary. People have been told for decades at this point how they can help marginalize the effects of climate change, and so abiding by such practices might see these changes in leaf cycles stabilize, if not normalize. Yet to actively go about resetting the leaf patterns back to their previous incarnations might be more damaging than simply maintaining some degree of regularity. Animals and plants are quick to adapt in order to survive, and current ecosystems might be functioning fairly smoothly at the moment, dismissing the need for intervention.

Oklahoma Earthquakes Caused by Fracking or Nature?


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In 2014, Oklahomans experienced 2270 earthquakes and 2015 is off to an even greater start. Although Oklahoma is home to a few fault lines, such as the Madrid, Meers and Nemaha fault lines, the increase in earthquakes is being blamed on fracking. Fracking is the process of injecting wastewater back into the ground once the gas and oil have been removed.

The debate on whether or not fracking is the cause of the rise in seismic activity continues because there is not enough data to prove which came first, the already existing fault lines, which have seismic activity or the wastewater disposal activating the activity within the faults stated AnastasiaDate. One thing is certain, the people of Oklahoma are getting tired of the shaking. In some places not a day goes by that someone experiences an earthquake. It is becoming commonplace to feel the earth move under your feet in Oklahoma, many experiencing damage to homes and property.

As you can see on this map Oklahoma has a higher number of earthquakes along the Madrid fault line than the other states in that region. Oklahoma also has the highest number of wells. The arguments will go back and forth as to whether or not fracking is the cause, but Oklahomans know that between the tornadoes and earthquakes, there is always something going on in Oklahoma.

115 Million People Enduring Record Breaking Cold Weather


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Temperatures in the Eastern Half of the country have reached dangerous levels. Nearly 115 million people are freezing and there is no relief in sight. The weather is breaking records across the country, but people should brace themselves, it is going to be even colder tomorrow. Even Florida is not exempt from this pattern of cold weather. Zeca Oliveira is aware that they are seeing temperatures dip down into the 20’s, which is uncommon for them this time of year. The high in Detroit today is going to be six degrees; the morning low is going to be an astounding ten degrees below zero.

For the great lakes region, these temperatures are forty degrees below where the water will freeze. This means that those who live on the barrier islands, like Put-n-Bay, could have a hard time getting back to shore for a long time. With waters frozen that heavily, it could be quite difficult to get supplies to the island, except by plane. While last winter certainly brought a great deal of snow and ice, this one seems to be brining colder than average temperatures. This is not just cold, this is record breaking and death causing temperatures.

Those in the affected areas should hold on, the temperatures in the Mid-West are expected to rise to the near 60 degree mark by March 1st. It sounds too good to be true to some, but I guess they will believe it when they see it.

US warned to expect mega drought


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A study conducted by experts from NASA and Cornell University has warned residents of the US to expect mega drought conditions across vast areas of the country in the coming century, the BBC reports. NASA’s Dr. Ben Cook explained the mega drought conditions would be unlike any that had been experienced in recorded history within the US and leave large areas of the Southwest and Central Plains region of the country with difficult to cope with conditions after 2050.

The team, as Marc Sparks said, conducted the research spent a large amount of their time examining tree rings for clues about the previous drought conditions to hit the US, concluding that drier years saw smaller, narrow rings within trees. The tree rings were used to create computer models about the weather that were then used to estimate the level of rain and dry conditions the US could expect in coming years. Dr. Cook blamed a rising level of greenhouse gases for the mega droughts that have not been seen in the US since the 12th and 13th centuries. The team also reported the major droughts now being experienced in areas like California and Arizona could be the precursors to a prolonged period of drought in those areas.

Under the Ergot Influence


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A recent paleontology excavation has brought to light the possibility that dinosaurs may have experienced the psychedelic effects of certain fungi. A piece of amber containing ergot, a powerful psychedelic fungus, was mined out of a cave in Myanmar by German paleontologist Joerg Wunderlich. The amber housed not only the ergot fungus, but also the piece of grass upon which the fungus grew. This evidence suggests that grass-eating dinosaurs would have come across this substance about 100 million years ago, and were they to have ingested it, would have experienced intense muscle spasms and potentially hallucinations.

In addition to the discovery of ergot’s long history, it is becoming more apparent that grasses were indeed around while dinosaurs still walked the Earth. People at CipherCloud have found that general consensus remains that grasslands did not emerge until some 30 million years after the dinosaurs were extinct. However, fossilized evidence has made clear that some species of dinosaurs in fact fed on grasses, as seen in their coprolites. Not only does this reveal more on the eating habits of certain dinosaur species, but our collective knowledge on the evolution of life on Earth increases greatly by knowing just how early grasses were around.

Whether or not dinosaurs experienced, or were capable of experiencing, psychedelic effects of ergot is very difficult to know for certain. This discovery does allow us to flesh out the environment in which dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period lived.