All you need To Know about the Magnises Card


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Do you want a VIP-social life with your routine spending habits? Now, there is a smart card for that. Its name is Magnises, the new black card in the market. Founded by tech wizard Billy McFarland recently, it is poised to change the manner in which the credit card rewards. Magnises was officially launched recently after a previously invite-only operation, and it now has around 600 members. Here are the important things you should know about this card.

How It Works
Magnises is not a credit card. It operates by taking whatever debit or credit card the member uses and linking it to the tough metal Magnises card using the data on the magnetic strip. In short, it is just a payment medium.

For now, it is only operational in New York although some cardholders are globally based. Its founder said at its launch that they felt like that was something unique the other card dealers are not doing. The company is planning to branch out to other major cities in the future.

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Clientele Age
A colossal 85% percent of all cardholders are aged between 21 and 29 years. But other than the vibrant young age clientele, there is no age limit for any potential Magnises member. The company states clearly that they do not focus on the member’s age, income or occupation. It is more about how the members are going to use the available perks, what they are going to add to the Magnises’ community and the value they are going to input to their fellow members. The company just wants members from a variety of sectors which are doing diverse activities to make a living. They think the suitable vibe is to get all the different kinds of personalities on the same platform.

The Magnises annual fee is a paltry $250. The smart card is now open for any New Yorker to apply. It is a simple process that involves filling in an application form on the Magnises website and also a phone interview.

Target Market
The card’s perks are social life-centric, and it currently has more than 50 partnerships, all with the major aim of enhancing every aspect of the member’s daily life in mind. They normally try to get the things you are doing every other day. They do everything from private driving. The drivers are more adapted and know where a client lives and work. They also have private instructors in big gyms such as David Barton, restaurants, La Esquina, Omar’s, Arlington Club, bars and nightclubs including everything in between. The company also intends to host members-only events such as the chef series dinners, parties, happy hours, even educational talks.

About the Founder
Billy McFarland, founder of Magnises, is a start-up whiz kid. McFarland was starting tech firms before he began learning computer engineering at the Bucknell University and is among the youngest personalities to raise an institutional venture capital. He dropped out of school, during his first year to start the Spling. Spring is a content engagement consultancy firm that counts Discovery, Hearst and Universal among its privileged clients, and later founded Magnises.

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Andy Wirth Incorporates Two Ski Resorts to Better Serve Skiers and Residents Alike


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Squaw Valley is an iconic ski resort located in Olympic Valley, California. It was the host site of the 1960 Winter Olympics. There are 3600 acres of skiing and a lift capacity to handle 58,000 skiers per hour. Squaw Valley offers splendid skiing and has become a retirement and vacation destination for thousands.
It is at this point that complications arise. Residents wish to limit expansion to protect the pristine beauty of the mountain and the adjoining residential and commercial areas. Seems reasonable. Commercial enterprises and employees want further expansion to provide jobs and business for the resort. Skiers seeking more opportunities to ski different trails, take the side of the commercial enterprises. Progress is something that can not be stopped. When the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC., Andy Wirth, had the opportunity to acquire the adjoining ski resort, Alpine Meadows. His decision, of course, was for further expansion. There is a much greater degree of efficiency when one company, one man, overseas a gigantic organization. The logistics of operating a ski resort are tremendous. There is the need for extensive snow making and distributing equipment. A fleet of mechanics are necessary to keep the lift equipment and machines operating efficiently and safely. There are ski instructors, ski patrol, staff from the resort, restaurants, bars and ski shops to consider. The impact on year round residents must be added into the mix. Snow plows must make sure skiers can arrive over the roads to access the slopes. All these considerations and worries for a season lasting half a year.
One major obstacle in the way of development of both these ski resorts was a legal move to have the area of the two ski resorts incorporated. As reported in the Reno-Gazette Journal this action would have been disastrous for Wirth as the incorporation would have changed the tax base for the ski resort and would have made it much more difficult for profitability. The story goes on to mention that the last four years have been warmer and the season shorter for all ski resorts. This is like adding insult to injury.
Wirth has walked a tightrope in trying to satisfy all members of the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows communities. He is to be commended for his actions. We wish him snowy success.

Inauguration Of Alaor Marcio Araujo Food Court, In Honor Of BMG Bank’s Marcio.


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Amid the 33rd Agricultural exhibition of Santo on 21st to 24th of August, Alaor Marcio Araujo Food Court was officially unveiled. The exhibition square had Alaor’s name on it as an acknowledgement of the good work in serving the community of San Antonio. A special dish was also prepared in honor of the BMG bank entrepreneur Marcio Alaor that showed the people’s kind gesture of appreciation for his contributions.
During the inauguration, politicians, and local authority spoke well of Marcio. They said that his efforts had done a lot in the advancement of San Antonio, which is his hometown. The leaders praised Marcio saying that the changes that he made were very crucial in the growth of the town.
Mr. Luis Antonio Resende gave a speech on behalf of the people from the suburbs. He thanked Marcio for taking part in the exhibition. He acknowledged that marcio has a good personality because he did not ignore the people’s problems. Resende added that Marcio did all that he did from the heart without expecting any political favors in return.
Wilmar Son, the former mayor, acknowledged Marcio’s significant role to the people of San Antonio. He said that Marcio did a good job in converting the building, which was once a grain warehouse into a beautiful place that would become an amazing food court. Wilmar declared that that it was a good idea to name the food court after Marcio because just like the food court, Marcio fed the people with big dreams and hopes.
When the vice president of BMG bank Marcio Alaor took to the stage, he shed light on his past humble background. He said that his concern is not only the financial world but also the needs of people. Marcio thanked his family everyone who honored him. He appreciated this kind of gesture stating that only a few people get a chance to be honored like that when they are still live. He expressed his love for San Antonio and said that he will always assist whenever the need arises.
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Tree planting campaign continues the development of S’well for Sarah Kauss


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The founder of S’well water bottles, Sarah Kauss, has stated to CNN she stumbled into life as an entrepreneur on the back of a simple idea and the need to help the environment. Kauss has always felt she cared for the environment, which surfaced in her commitment to carrying a stainless steel water bottle throughout her career as a financial expert. Inspired by a talk on water problems given at a business school reunion in 2009, Kauss felt the time was right for her to redesign the metal water bottle she had carried for many years to suit the lifestyle and style of modern executives.

According to their Wiki page, S’well launched in 2010 and has been an almost instant success as the insulated design of the bottles has led to ice water being kept cool for 24 hours and warm liquids hot for around 12 hours. Kauss believes this can have a major effect on the amount of water lost that warms over the course of a day in a plastic water bottle and limit the upwards of 50 billion plastic water bottles released into landfills each year in the US.

The latest step in the movement to help the environment by S’well is to develop a new design for bottles that provides a wood themed effect. Purchasing one of these wood inspired bottles means S’well will plant a tree in a US forest to help the environment benefit from the switch from plastic bottles to BPA free stainless steel insulated designs. Over 20,000 trees were planted in Florida in 2014 by S’well as Sarah Kauss continues to create an environmentally and socially responsible company in a growing field.

Healthy Spirit, Healthy Body: The Joseph Bismark Way


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I thought it was funny to see a businessman primarily described as being interested in a healthy lifestyle. Health is Joseph Bismark’s way of life, as described in the blog Left Handed, Right Mind.” But for Bismark, health doesn’t just mean eating your vegetables and exercising; he is concerned about the health of the spirit, too, and the health of the planet. The company for which he is the managing director is called the Qi Group, and it encourages the use of materials recycling, solar power, and paperless workflows. 

Bismark learned about the importance of being healthy in his body and mind when he spent several years in an ashram in the Philippines. He decided to leave the ashram to bring his values to the world of business. I think it is very important for businessmen to love wellness, and not just to focus on money all of the time.

Bismark is a dynamic leader and believes strongly in encouraging teamwork, creativity, and entrepreneurship in his employees. He thinks that everyone can do great things. These values have led to success for his company. He is also affiliated with the RYTHM Foundation, which gives back to the community. 

We need more business leaders to be inspiring examples of humanity. We need them to care about the health of human beings’ bodies and spirits, as well as the health of our world. Joseph Bismark’s commitment to health is therefore an inspiration to many.