EOS Gets Personal and Sells Millions


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The way to tackle a competitor is to create something that goes beyond what it has on the table. The EOS co-founder explained in an interview how his company humbled Chapstick by surpassing it in sales and popularity. The company used a number of strategies, but its main strategy was one of innovation and evolution. EOS looked at the old-fashioned cylindrical lip balm container and felt that it was time for it to evolve into something that customers could hold in their hands and even play with if they wanted to.

The second area where they pulverized the competition was product enjoyability. The production team made something that looked good enough to be used as a fashion accessory. EOS users have created a new trend, and that trend has developed into a $1 million per week flow of profits for the company.

EOS lip balm also went big on making personal connections with its buyers. The customers are the life of the business. If companies don’t pay attention to their Amazon buyers, then their buyers will eventually go somewhere that they receive majestic treatment. EOS has a huge fanbase on social media sites like Facebook. It has more than 7 million fans on its page, and many of those persons like the company a great deal.

The strategy that the company used took it all the way to the top. It now sits above Blistex, Chapstick and many others on lists that present the top lip balm companies. Burt’s Bees is the only company that sits above it in the spotlight, and even that company has developed a high level of respect for EOS. The company expects its sales to continue to soar over the next few years. Right now, more than one million of the EOS containers sell each week. With this rate of sales, the company will have profits that are well over a billion dollars by the time 2020 rolls around.


EOS’ Brilliant Strategy To Target The Millennial Generation


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Colorful orbs of EOS lip balm are everywhere; Miley Cyrus is using EOS, Cosmo beauty editors are recommending the smooth spheres and the lip balm adorns the aisles of mass retailers, such as eBay, Target and Walgreen’s. Beauty bloggers are raving about EOS’s fun flavors, like Pomegranate Raspberry (https://www.amazon.ca/eos-Pomegranate-Raspberry-Lip-Balm/dp/B00B6A9KTU) and Passion Fruit and EOS lip balm, yet the brand seemed to come out of nowhere.

Chapstick and Burt’s Bees had the market cornered on lip balm, and it wasn’t a very exciting market, therefore, it was a surprise when the Evolution of Smooth orbs appeared. EOS wasn’t a fad; the founders put a great deal of thought into the shape, the flavors and the colors ensure that they have a unique product that appeals to women. However, the company’s brilliant marketing strategy made EOS the second most popular lip balm in the U.S.

EOS founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller told Fast Company that they decided to make their lip balm appeal to women, which other brands did not do, even though women used lip balm far more often than men. Next, they targeted the millennial generation using influencer marketing and product placement tactics to get their brand noticed. Building an engaging social media presence also helped; EOS is especially active on Facebook and Instagram. In the end, EOS’ founders received the ultimate compliment; Blistex started selling their lip balms in round containers.


Check Out Lime Crime for Unique Cosmetics


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Lime Crime is a company that specializes in makeup that helps people express their unique personality, while adding to their already beautiful features. This company is based out of Los Angeles California and was founded by CEO Doe Deere. She started this company with only a couple hundred dollars and made it big. This company is great for a number of reasons. They offer cosmetics that come in a wide variety of colors and are unique yet will fit anyone’s tastes. They offer vegan cosmetics. They also make sure that none of their makeup is tested on animals and is cruelty free.

People that are looking for a wide array of cosmetics for their eyes will be very happy with Lime Crime’s website. They offer several different eye products that are sure to please. One of the eye products that they offer is eyeliners. They come in many different colors including black, white, light and dark blue, green, silver, tan, and purple.

They also offer their Venus: The Grunge Palette. This comes with eight different eye shadows. These include a pink, ivory, rust brown, dark brown, nectarine, stone, and burgundy colors. This palette comes in a box with a mirror that helps with application.

Individuals looking to apply eye glitter should check out Lime Crime. They offer glitter in eleven different shades. They also offer something called a glitter helper. This is an adhesive that helps the glitter stay on the eyelids. It is waterproof and works well for anyone’s eyes. It’s also vegan and has never been tested on animals.

Nail polish is another product that Lime Crime offers on Urbanoutfitters. For only eight dollars you can buy a wonderful bottle of nail polish. With two unicorns on the bottle this nail polish is very unique. It comes in five different colors including blue, green, cream, peach, and pink.

Lime Crime offers makeup for lips. They offer a great line of lipsticks. What is great about Lime Crime is you can find a lot of unique lip colors and they offer twenty different colors. This ensures everyone can find just the right lipstick color. They also offer liquid lipsticks that turn into Matte Lipstick after it’s applied.

Individuals that are looking for inspiration on a new makeup look for themselves can take a peek at the Look Book. This is a collection of pictures featuring women using Lime Crime cosmetics. Individuals can click the picture of the ones they like and it will take them straight to the products that are used.

Lime Crime is a unique company. It offers great products for just about any look. They offer many different eye shadow shades, over twenty different lip colors, inspiration through their Look Book, glitter and adhesive, and nail polish. Nobody has to worry when buying these products because they are not tested on animals. This company is really eco-friendly which makes buying from them a really easy choice. Check out Lime Crime today for great cosmetics.