Securus Technologies Launches Newest Upgrades To THREADS


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Criminal Justice Technology | Posted on 04-06-2016

Securus Technologies is all about modernizing the incarceration experience. This company provides the corrections agencies, public safety and law enforcement industries with a technology solution that is second to none. The team of professionals that have come up with this innovative technology are made up of some of the best in engineering, design, technologists and thinkers. The product software has become the golden standard when it comes to civil and criminal justice technology.

Securus Technologies offers the THREAD platform which is their cornerstone product. It has recently received a facelift and a software tuning. The THREADS 3.1 software has shifted from Silverlight to HTML 5 which, has proven to be far more compatible. Other products such as the Secure Call Platform (SCP) can now be integrated along side THREADS 3.1. Thanks to HTML 5 investigators now have a proactive tool at their disposal which will aid them in their work. The launch of this upgrade package of their flagship software was announced on For a more detailed review please visit. Or watch the Securus Youtube video.

The user interface has been modernized and the software coding streamlined in order to make the software experience more pleasing and efficient. Search functions as well as record loading have been simplified in order for users to require only minimal training to gain full benefits of the technology. Not only has the THREADS platform been the gold standard it also provides the officials with analysis tools which can monitor criminal activity. This keeps the incarceration experience safer for the public as well as the inmates.

Securus Technologies promises all its users a free upgrade to the new and improved THREADS 3.1 free of charge. This will allow them the access to an industry leading software technology that is revolutionizing the industry.

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