Obama Fights Climate Change With New Executive Order


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There’s no denying that our planet’s climate is changing and not for the better. Now President Obama has picked up the fight for the earth, signing an executive order that makes the federal government cut its carbon footprint. Under the new rule, federal agencies will be required to decrease their carbon emissions by 40% over the next 10 years. During that same time period, agencies are required to increase their use of renewable energies such as solar, wind and water by at least 30%.

In general, the federal government isn’t a huge cause of all the pollution, but it is a huge entity. The idea behind the move in that perhaps it will inspire other large groups to make the same pledge. The idea is already working. GE, IBM and Honeywell have all pledged to reduce their footprint over the next decade as well.

All that change means great things for the environment, but also for tax payers. If successful, then the campaign will help shave $18 billion in energy spending off the government’s bill over the next 10 years. Zeca Oliveira knows that that’s savings that could later on be passed on to tax players financial as well as through the added health benefits.

NASA Testing Better Lansing Technology


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NASA is testing new landing technology that will be used on future trips it attempts to take to Mars. The new rocket is called the Autonomous Descent and Ascent Powered-flight Testbed (ADAPT for shot), and is a rocket capable of landing itself on far away planets. NASA has taen the rocket on a test drive twice, both times in December, with plans to give in a try in a read-world Mars situation soon.

Sergio Cortes (Linkedin.com) has read that, unlike other rockets ADAPT comes with a special Terrain Relative Navigation that allows the rocket to be landed in an exact spot, even when it’s been sent from Earth. It’s able to make such a precise landing based on a photo it takes of the terrain. It keeps taking photos, and compares the photo it takes with photos we already have of the area, allowing it to pinpoint its landing location.

ADAPT lands vertically, and does do in such a way that the rocket shouldn’t be harmed when it hits the ground. That part is extra important. NASA hopes to reuse the ADAPT rockets on several different trips, something it doesn’t typically do.

Solar Power Capacity Grows Again


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Clean and renewable energy have been industries poised for tremendous growth for a few years. The focus on shifting away from traditional electrical grid supplied power and moving toward wind or solar power has always been an issue because of the cost of the technology. However, it seems that price has caught up with adoption and more and more solar power capacity is being added each year. It seems very clear that solar power is going to lead the world in the transition to clean energy.

According to Computerworld, solar power accounted for close to one-third of all new electrical capacity installed in 2014. The number is a reflection of the falling cost of solar power technology, which is down about ten percent from the prior year. As cost of solar systems begin to fall, more and more commercial entities are jumping on the technology to save money from traditional grid based electrical costs. CNN iReport reported the financial benefits to industrial settings is pretty obvious, but residential sales are lagging.

In the end, commercial sales of solar equipment is booming. When the cost of systems falls to a point where the residential market can be effectively tapped, solar capacity is likely to take off once again. Consumers of all types are looking to shift away from the expense of traditional energy, and it looks like the future of electricity generation and storage is going to be solar in nature.

Here Comes The Apple Watch


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The Apple Watch was unveiled, and it sure is getting a lot of attention. Of course it is though, after all it is an Apple product. Some people love it, others hate it. Some people think it’s genius, and some people think it’s dumb. I think something that we can all agree on is good grief those notifications are going to be a nightmare.

We hear them on our phone constantly. The vibration of a text message, the ding of a Facebook notification, the chime of a new email…it seems constant. We can get away from it though. We have the ability to simply put our phone down and forget about it. But, can we get away from those notifications with the Apple Watch?

According to BuzzFeed the constant interaction on the watch may be hard to get away from. After all, all it takes is one quick tap to get the attention of another Apple Watch user. All the things you could do on a cell phone, you’ll be able to do on a watch. But, you won’t be able to get away. That watch will be on you. And since it is a cool new product, you most likely will not want to take it off.

So remember to take some time to step back from technology and remember a simpler time when watches just told time. Zeca Oliveira (Facebook.com) agrees that the Apple Watch is a nifty little gadget, and will be popular for a while but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tale a break every now and then.

The Antique Wine Company – World’s Famous Top Leading Merchant


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CEO Stephen Williams established the Antique Wine Company, in 1982. This famous and favorable wine merchant offers high quality and unique wines established in London as well as two additional offices located in Asia. It holds more than 9,000 bottles of the nation’s highest grade of wine. The company offers consumers a wide range of selections such as, rare wines, cellar organizing and private wine master classes. In addition, due to researched studies, this extraordinary company is known and documented for producing the best and finest wine collections and wine events.

Breaking the record for the most finest quality white wine ever produced. The featured bottle including a host of additional wines was the Chateau d’Yquem, which sold for more than 74,000 back in 2013. The luxury wine was presented, in two well-known restaurants located in Bali. Furthermore, AWC has retained its well respected reputation and overall services that include elegant wine, wine resources, En Primeur, Cellar control, Bordeaux wines, Burgundy wines, whisky, Armagnac, wine cellars, and spirits.

Well recognized and respected worldwide, this luxury wine company retains a powerful passion for antique vintages. And offers fine quality wine to personal individuals, top of the line restaurants, hotels and the global wine trade. The company regularly directs, offers solutions and actively aids wine cellars that are conducted in Chateaux, mansions, magnificent hotels and elegant private homes nationwide. In addition, AWC’s stocks are well organized and have contributed an added benefit to the company,consumers,and the market.

AWC‘s exchanging commodities merged to subrogate, AWC’s Global PLC to a UK Public Limited Company in 2013. When it comes to fine quality wine, AWC’s high standing products and services takes the lead above many wine merchants. Hence, it’s ongoing well established suppliers, consumer association, it’s ample stock holdings, unique brand and image, the admirable breathtaking decor of the main office in London and it’s sturdily built IT and Operational features and framework.