Kay Hagan’s Decision Not to Run for Office Reduces Democrat’s Hopes for Senate Takeover in 2016


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Democrats | Posted on 24-06-2015

The Democrat Party is eager to regain control of the Senate after the disastrous midterm elections saw them lose a total of nine senate seats. Among the seats lost was by incumbent Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina. Her loss was particularly bitter because of the amount of money the party spent to retain her senate seat. In the end, she lost the election by 1.5 percentage points. However, party officials believed that Hagan could return in 2016 by challenging GOP incumbent Richard Burr, who pundits believe may be vulnerable reports Mikal Watts in this piece. Hagan running for office made a lot of sense. She is widely known and well-liked.

In fact, Hagan’s return to the senate was seen by pundits as vital towards Democrats retaking control of the senate. Then, the unexpected occurred. Hagan announced this week she will not seek the Burr senate seat. With her refusal to run, her party has lost a vital ally and one which may have benefited from a Hillary Clinton nomination.

In addition, the news gets worse for Democrats. Former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, author of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Law, will be running for office next year. However, a news story emerged that Feingold, whose law supposedly reduced the corrosive effects of money in politics, has been operating his own Super PAC. Not only that, the PAC donates only 5 percent of donations to the support of other candidates. This has dimmed his star power in the state and will make the Democrat Party’s path to retaking the senate much harder.