Sanjay Shah: What Made Him A Millionaire? The Solo Capital Legacy Explained!


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Today, former British stocks trader turned philanthropist, Sanjay Shah manages a fairly large collection of companies. Solo Capital became the investor’s golden enterprise, which earned him the better percentage of his fortune. Among Uk’s top-earning hedge fund capitalists, he’s amassed over $280 million. Prior to establishing Solo Capital, Shah held different positions trading in the investment and financial markets. Global Citizen-Magazine, a prominent media boutique revealed that Shah initially set out to become a medical doctor. While he was in pursuit of a career in medicine, Shah became an accountant. The well-founded King’s College graduate didn’t settle for a life of endless record keeping either. His desire for an eventful city life was too resolute. Firstly, Shah secured a job with Merrill Lynch Bank before joining others: Rabobank, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and ING.

While working for these companies, Shah learned a lot. Unfortunately, the investment banking executive career ended prematurely as institutions faced unpredictable challenges. As chaos consumed investment and financial markets in 2009, these institutions had no choice to redundant workers. Sanjay Shah was among the batch that was let off. He didn’t allow this disappointing reality to shape his future. Having earned an education from first-hand experiences commanding different investment banking institutions, agencies, and financial firms. This job uncertainty became his motivation. Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital and subsidiaries. Under controlling partner, Solo Capital Holdings, Shah manages other financial groups. The tally of companies he owns today is beyond 36. These companies are spread across different countries, including Luxembourg, London, Dubai, the BVI (British Virgin Islands), Cayman Islands, and Malta. Old Park Lane-Capital is the group’s latest acquisition. Today, Shah no longer trades as he’s focused attention to running his conglomerates and organizations.

Now, the retired investor organizes charity concerts presented by Autism Rocks. Shah son Nikhil is autistic. This life-altering reality opened his heart to giving. Through Autism Rocks, Shah has funded ongoing research conducted by ART (Autism Research Trust) and ARC (Autism Research Center). A component of Cambridge University, ARC conducts needed research into understanding autism. Sanjay Shah, a trustee of ART which funds ARC programs has been helping children worldwide especially the disadvantaged in India. He sponsors them through the charitable foundation, Plan International. Additionally, he took up office as director back in 2013, a position he still holds.

Autism Rocks presents some of the entertainment industry’s finest music acts, including rapper Snoop Dogg, Drake the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Prince and Michael Buble among others. Sanjay Shah Autism Rocks concerts are an invitation-only occasion, accommodating the country’s privileged donors and music lovers. Recently, Shah commissioned Done Events, a prominent entertainment consultancy agency in Dubai. With the new contract, Shah plans to promote his organization as he hopes to organize expansions. In 2014, he hosted a reggae festival, an event he’s planning to host yearly with Done Events expertise on entertainment planning.

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How The U.S. Money Reserve Is Helping CrowdRise Make A Rise


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It should be everyone’s goal to give a little of what they get back for the holidays. That is what CrowdRise is trying to do this year. The U.S. Money Reserve is helping CrowdRise to encourage everyone give back some for the holidays to the families who can’t afford to have a meal on the table. CrowdRise wants everyone who lives within the Central Texas Area to help by donating something to the cause. The Capital Area Food Bank has previously helped out when it came to the hungry, almost 300 partner agencies in 21 counties have been helped by them within Texas to feed people. Just recently in 2014 they helped to raise around 31 million pounds of food to the families who were in. Now they have set a new goal, they want to raise over 31 million this year, and they will be needing a lot of help to make that happen!
CrowdRise very good at raising money for a good cause, even Mashable and Forbes have dubbed them the highest ranking fund-raiser online websites. They are so good at raising money for charities that they beat Operah. Many well know famous people have donated to and helped out with CrowdRise, like Seth Rogan, Sophia Bush and Will Ferrell. At first, they were trying to keep CrowdRise a secret, but now they have opened the doors and said come on in, so help out Crowdrise and join in on the fun.
The U.S. Money Reserve continues to strive to be the best. They were originally founded by a well known group of gold market veterans who had wanted to give back to the people by providing them with a place where they could get great customer service, knowledge in the market and trusting guidance, the things that are needed most when dealing with precious metals.
To this day, the U.S. Money Reserve is trying to give the greatest U.S. Government Issued Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins to their consumers. Almost all of the clients that they have had have profited greatly and are still seeing profits to this day thanks to the expertise of the U.S. Money Reserve.