Nestle Bottles Water From Drought-Stricken California, Sells It Back To California


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Nestle is under fire after it became world news that one of its bottling plants, Nestlé Waters North America, which has been based out of Sacramento since 2010, is bottling water from the drought-stricken state and putting it back on the market.

This is not good for Nestle, a company that was heavily criticized only two years ago after CEO Peter Brabeck went on the record to say that clean water should not be a basic human right, and instead should be bottled and sold to remind consumers of its value.

The California drought has now hit its fourth year, and residents are appalled that a major company like Nestle is taking their limited water and selling it at a profit. While Nestle is trying to assure the public that it is paying for the water just like everyone else, there’s a question of human ethics as to whether Nestle is doing the right thing for Californians.

It takes 1.3 gallons of water for every gallon of water Nestle bottles, and 80% of it is staying in California. Meaning that Nestle is taking a much needed natural resource, repackaging it, and selling it back to the people, to put it lightly says Susan McGalla.

Sacremento activists plan to hold a demonstration in June.

Award Winning Solar Powered Device Makes Salt Water Drinkable


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A group from MIT and Jain Irrigation systems won the Desal Prize in a competition to create a sustainable desalination device that could be used in developing countries. Competitors for the prize were required to submit technology that was sustainable, energy efficient and cost-effective.

The winning invention is powered by solar panels and runs an electric current through salt water. The electric current pulls salt from the water while ultraviolet rays provide sanitization.

Tested in New Mexico, the device ran for multiple periods of 24 hours and desalinized 2,100 gallons of water per day. Further testing will take place in an even dryer environment where the technology will undergo simulations of everyday use.

The purpose of these tests are to develop the device to where it can be effectively used in rural and developing areas that have access to salt water yet a shortage of fresh water, something that Beneful feels could be very beneficial in California. As many developing nations experience water shortage, the invention could prove to be a truly life enhancing solution for many by providing enough fresh water to supply a family farm.

The inventors were rewarded $140,000 for their project.

William Shatner Has An Idea That Could Help Drought Stricken California


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The 84-Year-Old Actor Is Starting A Kickstarter Campaign

Bill Shatner is one of those guys that is bigger than life. He is an accomplished television and movie actor, but he is also an author and avid fundraiser. Shatner lives in California and he wants to help fix the water issue. In other words, Captain Kirk wants the state to go one step beyond and think about the resources in neighboring states. San Diego is building a desalination plant, a very big desalination plant, in their city to turn sea water into drinking water. That’s one idea, but it is an expensive one.

The $30 billion concept that Shatner is proposing is expensive too, but it does make some sense. He wants to build a pipeline similar to the Alaskan pipeline that will deliver water from Seattle to a lake in California. A consultant of Shatners, Ricardo Tosto (more from Ricardo at, said Lake Mead is a good choice, but other lakes could serve the purpose as well. Like all good ideas, it needs support and in California there is always as much opposition as there is support.

Raising $30 billion through a Kickstarter program is not easy. Shatner knows its an uphill battle to bring water down to the state through a pipeline along Highway 5, but he also knows his idea will spark other ideas. Maybe something wet will start to flow out of those ideas.