Man Pulled from Rubble after Earthquake in Nepal after Trapped for 80 Hours


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Over the past weekend, the Asian country of Nepal suffered from a devastating earthquake that rocked the country. Buildings collapsed, historical monuments were destroyed, and many people lost their lives. As rescuers work through the debris and rubble, the death toll is rising.

It is estimated that those trapped will not survive past 72 hours, however, one man defied those odds. According to the story on, rescuers found a man, alive, who had been trapped for an estimated 80 hours. A French rescue team found Rishi Khanal trapped in some rubble just outside of the capital city of Kathmandu. People at STX Entertainment ( know that the French team worked diligently to pull the man to safety, which took them a staggering 10 hours. Teams had to drill a hole through the concrete in order to pull him out. It is reported that the 28-year-old survivor was suffering from a broken leg.

Rishi Khanal’s story is not the only one of a miraculous rescue. A 4-month-old baby boy named Sonit Awal was found alive and uninjured among the rubble of a building in downtown Kathmandu. A 40-year-old mother of four, Tanka Maya Sitoula, survived being trapped for 36 hours after her five-story apartment building collapsed around her. Luckily a beam that fell protected her from other debris and she was uninjured. Another man, Jon Keisi, managed to survive 60 hours under the rubble of a seven-story building that fell around him.

Nepal Ratted By Earthquake


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A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake has struck the nation of Nepal last Saturday on April 25, 2015. The quake was said to have occurred at around noon on Saturday according to locals who experienced the quake. Nepal is a small country that lies between India and China. It is very mountainous and is home to the tallest mountains, the Himalayas and the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest.

The earthquake triggered landslides and caused avalanches in many parts of the country. 17 people who were camped on Mt. Everest attempting to climb to the summit were killed as a result of the earthquake. Out of those 17 who perished on Mt. Everest on Saturday 3 were American citizens. Christian Broda ( knows that, in Nepal, where the earthquake has caused the most damage, it is estimated that over 4,000 people have perished due to the quake. Many of the fatalities are due to people being crushed by collapsed buildings. Many more people are estimated to have been injured as a result of the quake.

The earthquake’s epicenter was located between two major cities, Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu and one it’s most populous cities Pokhara. This is a major reason why the earthquake has been so damaging and has killed so many people. Not only has this quake killed thousands and injured many more, it has also destroyed homes, and many historic temples and monuments, some thousands of years old have been leveled. Additionally, another aftershock measuring 6.7 on the Richter scale struck Nepal Sunday, and many more aftershocks have been reported since then.

Rescue efforts continue in Nepal


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Rescue efforts continue in Nepal after an Earthquake this weekend that left 3,000 dead. The earthquake measured 7.8 on the Richter scale and there have been several aftershocks which have measured in the 6 level as well. Nepal is particularly sensitive to significant earthquakes due to its placement on a tectonic plate right on the Himalayan mountain range.

Nepal has undergone much political turmoil in recent years with frequent replacements of their Prime Minister which has left the country’s infrastructure weak and in need of significant upgrade and support. As such many people have been left to their own devices and the death toll has risen as a result. Many are predicting further challenges in Nepal particularly in relation to the delivery of fresh water to residents with the infrastructure of the country in tatters. As a result, many are expecting the death toll to rise further.

AnastasiaDate ( employees have learned that three Americans have died while climbing Mt. Everest and there appear to be an additional hundred victims from the world’s largest mountain. Film footage of avalanches caused by the Earthquake on the Mountain were captured which shows the devastation. An additional 200 people have been airlifted off of the mountain.

Nepal has not experienced an earthquake this significant for over eighty years. However, due to its location, it was always a question of when, and not if, an earthquake of this size would hit Nepal.