The History and Growth of the LA Kabbalah Centre


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The Kabbalah Centre initially was established in the United States in New York City. In 1965, what would evolve into the Kabbalah Centre opened its doors in Big Apple and was called The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. The first center of its kind in the United States was founded by Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda TzviBrandwein.

Brandwein came from the YeshivahKol Yehuda, located in the state of Israel. This center in the Jewish state really is the precursor of the New York, and ultimately Los Angeles, Kabbalah Centres. The YeshivahKol Yehuda was founded in 1922.

Ultimately, Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles began operations in 1984. As of this juncture in time, the Kabbalah Centre has over 50 branches located around the world. This includes centers in major cities that include Toronto, London, and New York.

Kabbalah Centre takes an approach to beginning students in Kabbalah instruction that does not require a preexisting knowledge of Jewish or Hebrew texts. This does represent a significant departure from how Kabbalah historically was instructed. This approach taken by the Kabbalah Centre makes Kabbalah itself far more accessible to a wider number of people from all walks of life.

A growing number of Hollywood celebrities have become involved with the Kabbalah Centre. Perhaps the best known of the batch is singer Madonna. She has been involved with the Kabbalah Centre for an extended period of time. Indeed, her involvement is so significant, she has been instrumental in starting branch centers of the LA Kabbalah Centre. In addition, she is a significant financial supporter of the Kabbalah Centre.

Paris Hilton is an example of another celebrity highly involved with the Kabbalah Centre. Hilton has shared publicly on multiple occasions that the Kabbalah Centre has been extremely important to her, particularly during difficult times in her life.

The History and Expansion of the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre


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The Kabbalah Centre is a not-for-profit organization, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The Kabbalah Centre opened its doors in the City of Angeles in 1984. This occurred after the organization was in operation for about 20 years in New York City. While in the Big Apple, the Kabbalah Centre bore the moniker The National Research Institute of Kabbalah.

Before its initial carnation in New York City, the Kabbalah Centre was an outgrowth of YeshivahKol Yehuda, which was founded in 1922 in what is the Israeli state today. The New York derivation of the Kabbalah Centre was the brainchild of Rav Philip Berg (born FeivelGruberger) and Rav Yehuda TzviBrandwein.

The Kabbalah Centre has experienced tremendous growth since its establishment in California. At the present time, the Kabbalah Centre operates over 50 branches around the world. In addition, the teachings and programs offered through the Kabbalah Centre are undertaken in a multitude of study groups internationally. In addition, Kabbalah Centre programming is available online as well.

A significant number of famous people, including an array of Hollywood actors and other entertainers, have been drawn to the Kabbalah Centre. This includes such luminaries as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sammy Davis, Jr.

Singer Madonna is probably the best known celebrity associated with the Kabbalah Centre. She is so dedicated to the Kabbalah Centre that she has opened branch locations. She is also financially supportive of the organization.

Another celebrity connected with the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre is Paris Hilton. Hilton has remarked that the Kabbalah Centre has been invaluable to her during difficult moments in her own life, including her challenging breakup with Nick Carter.

The Kabbalah Centre welcomes individuals that do not have a background in Jewish or Hebrew writings. This is a departure from more traditional Kabbalah practices. The protocol opens the doors to the Kabbalah Centre to a wider swath of people.

Kabbalah Centres and the Study of Kabbalah


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Kabbalah is the ancient wisdom that was formed before God brought the Jewish people together to form the nation of Israel. If you have been searching for the right church to attend, maybe you should consider studying the basic principles at a Kabbalah Center. Kabbalah is an amazingly simple, yet intense understanding of spirituality; it is not a religion, but a study that is designed to help the student make better decisions in their everyday lives through a connection with the spirituality of mind, body and soul and the connection to the Ultimate Source.
Even though the study of Kabbalah has been around for centuries, the students continued to meet in small groups. It wasn’t until the early 1920s that Kabbalah Centers were developed for the purpose of studying Kabbalah. In 1922, the first Kabbalah Center was established in Israel by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, and in the 1960s, the Bergs moved from America to go to Israel to study. They stayed 10 years, and then they moved back to the U.S. and established the first Kabbalah Center in America in New York City. They taught classes and began to translate the ancient documents into English and other languages, so more people could study.

Within two decades, the NYC Center moved to San Francisco and today there are 40 Centers and Study locations around the world. Centers were built in Arizona and Boca Raton, too. By the late 1990s, the Internet opened up the world, and the Bergs established the Kabbalah University online, which allowed people who could get the Internet to study the Kabbalah principles online. This opened up the ability to study Kabbalah tremendously, and today the Bergs son leads the University.

But, the online study of Kabbalah doesn’t allow students to come together like the physical, brick and mortar Centers do. The Kabbalah Centers have dinners so the members can get to know each other and do volunteer work in their communities. Karen Berg believes that volunteer work is extremely valuable and is a practical way to demonstrate the basic principles of the Kabbalah beliefs, and she prefers the interaction that the students have as well.