Jon Urbana Brings Lifetime of Charity Work to Bright by Three Fundraiser


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Empowering Youth | Posted on 30-10-2015

Learning does not start for a child when she first sets foot in school. Learning starts right away, when the newborn begins to take in all the world around her. The Bright by Three organization knows that crucial learning begins at birth and the organization strives to educate parents on how to become the young child’s most influential teacher.

The Colorado-based organization visits homes in order to education parents on how to start teaching children as a newborn. By following the organization’s three-step plan, parents can give their children a head start in the world of learning; setting them up for a lifetime of learning and achievement. But this growing organization needs to help in order to reach as many family’s as possible.

That is where former professional lacrosse player Jon Urbana steps in. The active Denver resident is running a fundraiser for Bright by Three on, and his LinkedIn profile as a professional athlete and philanthropist (see his GoFundMe campaign) can only help the cause.

Jon cares about Colorado’s residents; all of them. He is actively involved with organizations and companies that reach, educate, inspire and help others. He is the founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, where he uses Facebook year-round to pass on his knowledge of lacrosse to the youth of Denver. And through strong leadership on Twitter, he inspires an entire generation of athletes.

Urbana is also the Head of Business of Development for Elipse USA, a company that sells laser therapy treatments for the removal of varicose veins and skin pigmentation. His website at has more background info about this business. Elipse USA helps people all over the country deal with image issues.

But Jon’s focus isn’t only on people. An animal lover, Urbana has lent his name to other successful charity drives, such as ARAS. The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society of Colorado is a safe haven for stray cats. The charity cares for the cats and makes sure they are not taken by the city. The charity strives to find loving homes for the stray cats of Denver.

When Jon Urbana puts his name behind something, you know he cares about it. That is why the Bright by Three Campaign should be a rousing success for the young families of Colorado.