Drain Game


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Energy, Environment | Posted on 11-05-2015

There isn’t a day that goes by where most Americans, and even people in other countries, don’t use some form of electricity. America’s Markets just did a survey where they took data from 70,000 northern California residents to see what citizens used the most of. The data collected would be used to find out how much idle electricity is being wasted by devices while people aren’t even using them. Of the 70,000 people, they were asked to record how much time they spent using the following devices: washers, refrigerators, gaming devices, internet routers, hot water circulation pumps, cable set top boxes, televisions, desktop and laptop computers, cellphone/tablet/laptop chargers, audio receiver/stereo speakers, printers, furnaces, coffee makers, driers, and GFCI outlets which are standard electricity outlets. Of those items, the most commonly used devices were: water recirculation pumps, desktop and laptop computers, televisions, cable set top boxes, audio receivers/stereo speakers, printers, furnaces, coffee makers, driers, and ground fault circuit interrupter outlets. Data says that if Americans can unplug all of their idle devices, more money could go back into their pockets instead of out to the electric bill every month. Mark Ahn has read that consumers waste $8 billion dollars every year by not unplugging their devices. That means $165-$440 dollars could be saved by the average household and 44 million metric tons of carbon dioxide can be saved from the atmosphere annually. Unplugging idle devices creates environmentally friendly and thrifty possibilities.