New Beneful Dog Food Formulas


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Dogs have always been regarded as man’s best friend. A lot of people keep dogs as pets at home depending on the preference of the owner. There are different breeds of dogs each breed with different needs, but the one thing they all need is food. Food is essential for development, growth and well being of dogs. The right combination of nutrients in food is required to sustain the health of dogs. There are many variety brands of dog food in the market. Among them is Beneful, which is one of the most purchased brands on Wal-Mart by dog owners.

Beneful first appeared on the market in 2001 and is produced by Nestle Purina PetCare. Nestle PurinaStore PetCare have come up with new formulas for Beneful dry food which have been in development for more than two years. These formulas are set to be distributed from May 9th to some retail shops in the southwestern region of the USA. The new product will be convenient in the entire United States from August. As stated in The Huffington Post the Beneful new formulas are originals with Real Beef, Incredibles with Real Beef, Originals with Real Chicken, Incredibles with Real Chicken, Playful Life, Healthy Puppy and Healthy Weight. The Beneful formula; Originals with Real Salmon will be available in 2017.

Added sugars and propylene glycol have not been included in the new formulas. Although the FDA approves propylene glycol, it has been highly criticized as harmful to dogs. Hence, it was replaced with all natural glycerin. Nestle Purina PetCare is also in the process of developing new formulas for Beneful canned wet dog food. The Beneful dry food new formulas have been made with considerations on their nutritional and health value. Visit for more info.

How Premium Foods Are Making Healthier Dogs


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Healthy has established a whole new profit margin for premium dog food makers. Profits continue to climb as pet owners want their dogs and cats to eat as healthy as they do. Demands for foods with no artificial colors, saturated fats, and leaner meats have been met by premium food makers and they have seen exponential growth of their bottom lines.
Some of the dog food makers are also going to great length to make foods fresher. Many have added expiration dates to ensure that when their food is fed to your dog, it is at its freshest and will taste great. As inspectors go through the food manufacturing lines, they even take a taste of the foods to ensure that the meats are cooked to perfection and will stand the taste of discerning pet owners.

Purinastore’s Beneful has understood the need to feed our dogs better for years. They have formulated a whole line of healthy foods that offer the freshest vegetables and leanest meats for our canine friends. Wet and dry kibble are all a part of their healthy food lines. Delicious gravies that dogs loves, and lean, meaty chunks of beef, lamb, and chicken are all what pet owners can expect.

Excellence in manufacturing is an important part of making foods that are better for our dogs. Premium food manufacturers like Beneful understand that people want to give the best that they can for their pets. Higher standards that bring better tasting foods are a part of offering the best products available online

Excellence is something that Beneful has a long standing history with. Beneful’s goal is to make better foods that will not only be nutritious, but also help dogs live longer lives. Their team of experts include nutritionists, veterinarians and people who own and love their dogs.

Cost is always an issue. It is true that premium dog foods can cost a bit more than regular foods. The market trends have shown that people are willing to pay more to ensure that their dogs get the best that they can. This willingness to pay more to get better food is why the premium dog food market continues to grow.