George Soros Is Busy Doing His Bit to Change the World


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George Soros is easily one of the most generous philanthropists. He has donated literally billions, $32 billion to be exact, to various causes. Most of his donations are given to organizations devoted to social causes. In fact, he is the founder of Central European University located in Budapest and is its main funder. This university is also a leading institution when it comes to the study of social sciences related topics.

His most recent contribution was an $18 billion donation which he took from his personal fortune and gave it to Open Society Foundation. Before he gave this money his personal fortune was valued at approximately $23 billion! In fact, this donation took him from being the 20th wealthiest person in the US down to being the 59th wealthiest American! These numbers only illustrate the level of generosity  commitment he has towards the foundation and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George’s personal story is like something straight out of a Hollywood movie. Born in Budapest, Hungary, in a Jewish family a few years before WWII, he and his family witnessed his town being overrun by Nazis. After surviving this terrible incident, he had to witness the second invasion of his home country after the war, by the Soviets. He managed to escape and decided to move to England, where he completed his studies at the London School of Economics. After a couple of decades spent in London, England, he decided to get into the world of finance and moved to New York in 1956. He started working on Wall Street in the investment finance world.

It was after working on Wall Street for a couple of decades that he was able to raise the money and start his own hedge fund company, Soros Fund Management, which ultimately made him a billionaire. After becoming highly successful he looked for ways to spend his money to help make society better and that is how in a nutshell he started Open Society Foundation. This foundation is actually the mothership of many other organizations that work on improving peoples lives in over 100 countries.

The Open Society Foundation can be described as an organization that helps people who have been marginalized in society, based on their race, gender, professional occupation even sexual orientation. For example, the foundation has helped the Roma people of his birth country to get a better life for themselves by getting a better education. The same also goes for people belonging to the LGBTQ community sex workers.

The reason behind George’s passion for these types of causes is because of his personal experience of watching his family dodge the Nazis Communist invaders. After it was officially made public this year, the donation to the Open Society Foundation makes it second only to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in size. These days, the Open Society Fund is directing a large part of its efforts in dealing with discrimination and other social injustices happening in the US. Mr. Soros decided to do this because of his concern of what has started to happen in the country after the previous Presidential elections and Follow him

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