Cassio audi


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Cassio was born in brazil and did a lot to grow his music career. He put hours upon hours of hard work into his career and many people look up to him because of it. He is respected among genrerations of people because of his headstrongneess and being able to move around obstacles that were very difficult at the time. He didn’t let anyone tell him what he couldnt do and did his best keep moving forward regarding his music business. He helped other along the way and did his best not to just look out for himself but for others as well. He was very good with the drums and did his part in the band. He had a lot of talent in the life of using the drums and was very good at it. He really enjoyed playing the drums and a lot of hard work went into him using the drums. Iron Maiden influenced them a lot and the band really liked each other and they were able to work together to create very likable music that many people enjoyed over a long time spam. People enjoyed listening to their music and it spread around a lot.

Cassio was very popular because of there talents and so were the other band members. They worked very hard to get were they were in such a top likeableness among a lot of fans. Iron Maiden had a big affect on the way they wrote music and they imitated them a lot because they looked up to iron maiden as a band. Therefore after all they had done as a band soon others looked up to them as well. Their fist album was highly rated and a lot of people enjoyed listening to it and this became very popular over time.