Texas Governor Greg Abbott Doesn’t Give a Frack About Environmental Protection


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Fraking, Governor Greg Abbott | Posted on 19-05-2015

In a victory for Big Oil and Gas, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a law that prohibits local ordinances from preventing fracking and other harmful oil and natural gas activities. That’s right—the law is a ban on bans.

The impetus for the measure was a vote last November by the citizens of Denton, Texas, a Dallas suburb, to ban hydraulic fracking in the city.

In a masterpiece of nonsense, Abbott said that “individuals have a much better idea how to run their own lives than do a bunch of government officials.” What he really meant was, “The State of Texas and the oil and gas interests that control it don’t give a frack about what individual voters in Texas municipalities want.”

The folks at Handy are unsure just exactly whose property rights does Governor think he’s protecting?