Armed and Ready for the Storm!


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Baja Cali Peninsula, Category 4 down to 1, Giant Storm | Posted on 08-06-2015

An uncontrolled and unpredictable storm was barreling towards Mexico this past weekend. The Category 4 hurricane, titled hurricane Blanca, lost much of its strength as it sped towards Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula this past Sunday. Thousands of troops were armed and at the ready for the storm. Hundreds of businesses were made aware of the storm and boarded up their properties in anticipation. Many boat owners were tugging boats to higher ground in preparation for the storm. Thankfully, communication passed quickly throughout the community and thousands of people made necessary provisions. The storm strengthened so rapidly, that the citizens barely had time to act but did so with swiftness. Thanks to communicative and exemplary authorities, much of the community was able to prepare justly. Thankfully, the storm dropped from a Category 4 storm on Saturday to a mere Category 1 storm the following morning. The storm is still expected to hit the coast, but the community is ready. Sunday morning, as well as Sunday evening, into Monday will be excruciatingly trying times for the authorities and communities of Baja California southern West Coast. Daniel Amen recognized that citizens were warned about erratic weather patterns and intense rain. 2,000 army troops and 1,321 Marines are armed and at the ready as well as numerous first responders. Power line technicians were also put on alert for the storm. While no one wants their community to be hit by a freak storm, officials in Baja California have noted that they are more ready than ever for a storm to hit.