IAP Worldwide Offers Careers In The Aviation Industry


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Being part of the aviation industry can be a wonderful experience on LinkedIn. Those who help create, test, fly and develop aircraft often find it to be the ideal way to help marry their love of machinery and their desire for a stable career. Those who are looking for a job in the industry have many companies to pick from. One of best is a worldwide leader in aviation and other assorted industries. IAP Worldwide Services is always looking for qualified professionals to join their team. This organization is happy to welcome those who wish to be with a company that is dedicated to offering superior services to the aviation industry. They welcome employees who share their dedication to the job and determination to help create the highest possible quality services and products. All those who work with the company enjoy many important benefits.

Human Capital

At IAP Worldwide, they fully understand that their best asset are the people who work for them. This is why they look for those who have the training and knowledge they need. They also look for employees who strive for excellence each day and are comfortable working as part of a team on clearancejobs.com. Potential employees with talent and training are always welcome to apply. Company officials need and want employees who can offer them something special that helps the company meet its goals and push ever higher. IAP Worldwide know that human capital is the most important part of any endeavor. This is they look for employees who have the kind of vision that fits in with the corporate mission are always welcomed here.

A Rewarding And Satisfying Place

Working at IAP Worldwide Services means finding a workplace that is rewarding and satisfying. Each day, company employees are pushed to help create work that is all about delivering products to the industries they serve that allows everyone here to feel they are part of something larger than themselves. All company members on glassdoor.comare valued for their ability to contribute something. Those who are looking for a career in the field of aviation need look no further than working here. A career at this company means a career that allows each employee to be a company with a long and storied history that still continues to offer superior services today. Anyone who seeking out a job in this exciting field should consider filling an application with IAP Worldwide to get their career started.

IAP Worldwide Solutions Have Global Relevance


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Few companies would rival IAP World Wide Inc. in the provision of solutions to organizations and communities at a global scale. For more than 60 years, IAP Worldwide Services has provided a broad scope of services and solutions to the United States and other numerous international organizations as well as international government agencies. The company has about 100 offices in 20 countries across the world and is headquartered at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

IAP World Wide Inc. Values

The IAP Worldwide Services’ values are encapsulated in its Value Charter
, which advocates for humility and integrity, swift and responsible action towards emergencies, the practice of intellectual curiosity and rigor as well as acting with resolve in adapting and embracing change. The Value Charter also advocates for the pursuit of growth and learning amongst its workforce and partnering with customers, colleagues, and communities for mutual success.

IAP World Wide Inc. Activities

IAP’s activities range from tackling overseas battlefields to natural disasters. Currently, the company is a globally acclaimed leader in providing facilities management, large-scale logistics, and advanced technical and professional services. IAP Worldwide Services delivers technologies, programs and people management that is required for supporting workforce flexibility of their customers’ needs across the world.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

IAP World Wide Inc. Workforce

IAP has a workforce of about 2 000 in more than 25 countries across the globe. The workforce has extensive expertise and experience in planning, coordinating, and the execution of complex technical and logistical challenges. The workforce also manages, maintains, and operates research laboratories, civilian facilities and military installations of any size.

Corporate Responsibility

Profitability is not everything that drives IAP’s success. The IAP leadership places much premium on how the organization’s customer and employees are treated. The company has thus empowered its workforce with the knowledge and resources that they need in order to carry out their jobs effectively and safely.

IAP also believes in providing their customers and the communities they come from with satisfactory services. In this regard, IAP has invested heavily in community development because the company believes its success is measured by how much they have promoted the welfare of the communities they relate with.

The relevance for IAP World Wide Inc. is more apparent especially in a world that is increasingly faced with numerous challenges such as international terrorism, natural disasters, and the frequent outbreak of wars and civil unrest. IAP’s extensive human and technical resources, undoubtedly makes the company a ready organ for handling any emergency across the world.

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