FreedomPop – First Free Nationwide Mobile Broadband Provider


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Great Deals, Innovative Tech | Posted on 08-12-2014

FreedomPop is a Los Angeles-based telecommunications company that is shaking up the Wi-Fi and mobile phone industry by offering free services to customers in the United States. Started by CEO Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop was launched in 2012 is backed by major venture capital funding firms such Atomico, Mangrove Capital and DCM. Its high speed wireless internet and mobile services run off of Sprint’s LTE, 4G and 3G networks.

Stephen Stokols, a technology entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, is the founder of and current CEO of FreedomPop. Before starting up FreedomPop, Stokols was the founder of Woo Media, an online chat and video social netwok. Stokols started Woo Media in cojunction with entrepreneur George Berkowski. The online speed dating service, Zoosk, purchased Woo Media in 2011. Prior ventures and jobs include working as Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for BT Group, Director of Commerce for Qwest Communications and Director of Business Positioning for Alta Vista.

FreedoomPop offers free mobile and home wi-fi internet services as well as free mobile phone services. It is the first major company in the United States to offer completely free services to major markets. Customers can choose a wide variety of plans and pay upgrade fees to have higher mobile data usages. The company does not place customers on contracts. Customers have the option of bring and utilizing their own devices on FreedomPop’s network or can purchase low-cost devices through the company. Right now, the company is offering customers the ability to purchase top-of-the-line smartphone devices like the Samsung S2, S3, S4, Apple iPhone 5, HTC Evo 4G, and the Samsung Victory 4G LTE.
For at-home internet services, FreedomPop offers customers the ability to either have a wi-fi hotspot modem or a stand-alone modem that can be plugged directly into a laptop or desktop computer. FreedomPop also offers international calling services. This enables customers to reach friends and family located all throughout the globe, and the company gives 100 minutes of international calling as part of the service.

Right now, FreedomPop has partnered up with leading online retailers such as, Amazon, K-Mart, Tiger Direct, PC Mall, StackSocial, DataVision, Adorama, and Newegg. You can check out Amazon product reviews for FreedomPop here.

Earlier this year, it was reported by major sources that Sprint would be acquiring FreedomPop. If this stands true, the company would be valued at anywhere between $200 million to $400 million. Sprint recently has been suffering huge sales losses to other mobile services providers like Verizon and T-Mobile.

If you’re interesting in trying out the app on either your Apple or Android device, see the links below: