The Greening of NYC


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in GreeNYC, NYC | Posted on 12-05-2015

New York City may not be on the current short list of greenest U.S. cities, and even as it tops the list of densely populated areas, NYC is well on its way to championing sustainability.

The most recent step the city has taken toward a cleaner environment is the greening of the New York’s legendary food carts. A favorite of both tourists and the massive local work force, food carts have long been a historic staple. The New York City Council, in partnership with MOVE Systems of the borough of Queens, will provide 500 new alternative energy carts that will appear on the streets this summer. The new carts boast the energy saving technologies of alternative fuel, rechargeable batteries, and solar panels to eliminate the toxicity of gas-powered generators and potentially dangerous propane tanks, not to mention a great reduction in sound levels, and it’s all funded with private money, not tax dollars, so both the city and the vendors benefit from the program, and all can breathe easier.

The food cart evolution, as Christian Broda noted, follows the lead of several recent ventures in New York, including the greening of the massive Empire State Building, which has saved 7.5 million dollars in energy costs in the past three years and GreeNYC, the city’s public education program that popularly engages residents to involve themselves to promote a healthier and more sustainable environment in countless ways.