How You Should Prepare for a Life Line Screening


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Life Line Screening is a company that gives tests to the general public for the purpose of detecting any abnormalities in their organs, arteries and vital processes. These are the same tests that are performed in hospitals and medical testing facilities.

Test such as a limited electrocardiograph, which detects an irregular heartbeat, a bone density to detect osteoporosis, and a finger-stick blood test to get a full lipid panel to gauge cholesterol are among the many tests that are given.

One major group of tests uses ultrasound which enables the technician to literally have x-ray vision, as the circulation of the veins and arteries can be viewed in real time. This can help to view blockages and circulatory patterns of the vessels.

Preparation for these types of tests is not particularly out of the ordinary. People are advised to wear loose fitting clothing with women wearing a top and some slacks. Men can wear a sports shirt and loose fitting trousers.

Depending upon the type of test you are going to have done, diet the 12 hours before a test can be critical. If you are having blood work done you should find out if it is a fasting blood test screening that is going to be conducted. In this instance a person would fast for the 12 hours before the test. In most cases heavy eating before any type of test like this could be detrimental to the test results.

A person can expect that most screening tests will take up to an hour of time. There is some paperwork to be handled, but it is minimal and takes relatively little time. If an individual is having multiple tests done, the time period involved will be longer based on number of tests and their complexity.

Lifeline screening is a screening and testing company that caters to individuals who don’t go to doctors, is in between doctor’s visits, or just never thought about going to see a doctor. The screenings are given at a discount when compared to the costs charged by doctors and medical testing facilities. The convenience and discounted pricing attract many people who otherwise would have never been screened or tested for anything.

About Lifeline screening:

More Affordable Insurance Options With USHEALTH Group


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USHEALTH Group, Inc. is an American Fortune 500 health care company based in Ft. Worth, Texas. USHEALTH Group, Inc. was founded in 1982. They work through the subsidiaries of Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance Company. This affordable health care company underwrites and sells individual health insurance plans, supplementary products for self-employed individuals, and insurance for small business owners.


US HEALTH Group, Inc. originated under the name Ascent Assurance, Inc. but in 2005, changed its name to USHEALTH Group, Inc. The company offers specialized products and services under plans identified as PremierChoice, Secure Advantage, Secure Dental, PremierVision, MedGuard, Life Protector, Accident Protector, Income Protector, Essential Health Benefit, and PPO Networks. The plans are more affordable than other types of comprehensive plans because subscribers will receive immediate medical protection and security when you sign up under any of their protection health care plans.


The USHEALTH Group, Inc. programs include health insurance; fixed indemnity medical insurance; dental; vision; term life policies for life, accident and specific illness protection, and insurance that offers coverage during a critical illness period, as well as accident and income protection plans. The company’s innovative programs and varied service solutions are sold through agents whose mission and goal is to properly serve the American marketplace for the self-employed, individual insurance and small businesses.


In June 2017, the USHEALTH Group, Inc. was awarded the Gold Winner status for its ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative’ in the prestigious CEO World Awards. This honor is given to companies who demonstrate the best in leadership, innovation, organizational performance, new products and services, CEO case studies, corporate social responsibility, and corporate achievements from every top industry in the world. The USHEALTH Group, Inc. won over entrants from all over the world in various categories, like public, private, for-profit, non-profit, large, small, and start-up health care companies.


The USHEALTH Group, Inc. also offers their USHEALTH Group PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) offering. PPO plans are a very popular plan for individuals and families. USHEALTH Group PPO offers patients better choices and flexibility in their medical care options. Under a PPO program, patients can see any doctor they choose, or be admitted to any hospital of their choice, usually within a preferred network of providers. Unlike other plans, you do not have to choose a primary care physician from a pre-existing health care list. Also,you can see any specialist you need without a referral.




One of the Most Recognized Health Insurance Companies in America


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USHEALTH Group Inc. has been a provider of health care coverage and other related services for quite a few decades. The company has been running for more than fifty years and has become a role model for other businesses in the industry.



USHEALTH Group Inc. is based in the United States of America. The main office building of the USHEALTH Group Inc. is located in Fort Worth, Texas. There are other office buildings in a few more states.



The USHEALTH Group Inc. is known for their flexibility and the unique services that they offer. Many American citizens prefer the products of USHEALTH Group Inc. because the company caters to practicality and cares for the comfort of their clients. The services that USHEALTH Group Inc. offers are pre-made health coverage plans, customizable health coverage schemes, PPO, and management.



The company of USHEALTH Group Inc. has agents in almost every state of the country. The agents are trained by the corporation and are authorized. They interact with the clients and help them make a decision about their new health care insurance plan. The agents of USHEALTH Group Inc. also assist customers who choose to customize a health insurance plan that is unique to their needs. A client can find an agent through the PPO service. That involves entering your zip code on the site, and it will show the agents that are the closest to you.



The customizable plan of the USHEALTH Group Inc. is one of their most preferred services. There are many attractive features of creating a coverage plan for you. For one, it is highly flexible. It will also be tailored to your needs completely as you will be the one to set the parameters of the plan. The agents of USHEALTH Group Inc. are there to help, too. They assist clients and answer questions about the process. They take clients through the process step by step until the health coverage plan is complete.



USHEALTH Group Inc. has become a leader in health insurance in America. The excellence of the company has been recognized on many occasions and the authority if USHEALTH Group continues to grow.


Life Line Screening, the Deterrent Health Screening Firm


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It refers to a company devoted to health screening and offers the understanding with the intention of keeping the people healthy through the provision of knowledge. The know-how is aimed at availing trustworthy and preventive screenings. The living standards are likely to rise at the point in time when there are no costs associated with the treatment of diseases. The life will, therefore, be more affordable and satisfactory. The strategy of the company is through the partnership with medics which indicates an apparent show of health conditions before it is late. The outcome of this is that the quality of life improves.

Screening is communally grounded and is usually carried out in the duration of events with the assistance of professionally who are qualified doctors at Life Line. The checks are made in environs across the United States in places of worship, the senior centers as well as the corporate offices.

During an Ideamensch interview with the Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andrew Manganaro had his opinion and support of the enterprise to the public. His city of birth is New York particularly Brooklyn. He progressed to the School of Medicine at New York University when he was a scholar and attained his M.D. Additionally, he is a graduate of Philosophy as well as Biology. He has an immense expertise exceeding thirty-five years of private practice in the field of medicine. He has been addressing cardiac, vascular operations, thoracic operations and currently works at the Life Line Screening Company.

He established the firm upon the view that several cases that he received could be prevented with ease. The patients had no idea about the asymptomatic ailments they suffered. During his usual day, the services quality declaration concerning the service delivery of the company. He supervises the sectors in the Life Line Screening; the Clinical Department must be well-organized. He also warrants that the medics are proficient and also superintends the research energies in the firm.

The company has been capable of enhancing his operations. The reason behind this is the hard work as well as the persistence. He also likes pointing out the mistakes he makes and learns from them. His intention is to bring about improvements in the field of medicine.



Take Charge of Your Health with Life Line Screening


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Taking charge of your health is every person’s responsibility, and being proactive will give you peace of mind. You can’t fix something you are unaware of when it comes to health. Life Line Screening provides every person the opportunity to know the status of their health through:

  • Screening for cardiovascular disease of plaque buildup in the arteries. An ultrasound screening may indicate the onset of health problems such as stroke or other cardiovascular disease.
  • Identify the onset of congestive heart failure.
  • COPD and lung cancer screening.
  • Advance notice of other heart conditions.

Life Line Screening goes beyond your annual health check-up. Personal health insurance, in many cases, does not cover special screenings until symptoms are prevalent. Everyone should check with their physician to see if their insurance covers preventive health screenings and if it is not covered, schedule an appointment to have these screenings done though Life Line Screening. The procedures are painless and affordable.

In addition to screening for cardiovascular disease, Life Line Screening performs many other tests, efficiently, painlessly and inexpensively.

A few of these health screenings are:


  • C-Reactive Protein
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer

Taking charge of your health is the most important thing you can do for yourself because so often health conditions go unnoticed and without warning. Life Line Screening also has a “6 for Life” assessment. If you are in the category of ‘high-risk’ you should have the “6 for Life” screening done annually, but if you are not in the ‘high-risk’ category, every five years is good. The test consists of screenings for coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, congestive heart failure, COPD, and lung cancer.

Make an appointment today and take charge of your health.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Achievements


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Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most influential cosmetic surgeons in her field. She has made a lot of achievements in her life. Her achievements come from doing something that she is very passionate about. She was passionate about cosmetic surgery to the point that she has studied on the topic for years. She has started in New York and graduated from University of Texas Medical Branch. She has then went to New York to work at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She was mentored at the facility and even continued on to be of great influence to the cosmetic surgery industry.


She has made a huge name for herself in New York and has gone on to be very famous. She has even written sections in a textbook that students study from. She has not only shown a lot of skill in the work she does as a surgeon, she has also shown a lot of friendliness towards her patients. She makes sure that the procedures for surgery are followed as closely as possible to avoid any side effects. Her methods have proven to be very successful. Other surgeons have taken what they can from her and applied it to their own procedures.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has eventually returned to Austin Texas in order to spend more time with her family. While she is a great surgeon, she is an even greater mother. She has built a new practice in Austin Texas so that she could give more people the opportunity to get the best possible cosmetic surgical procedure. She also is a good example for female doctors to follow. She is aware of the statistics of plastic surgeons that are women. She has scene that there are less than 20 in Austin. Therefore, she has decided that she wants to add to the number of women plastic surgeons in the area so that people have more options.


Adequate Medical Care is Necessary for Flood Prone Regions in Brazil


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When a particular area is flooded by rain water it usually causes thousands or even millions of people to be displaced from their homes. Water damage to housing and infrastructure is not the only major problems caused by excessive flooding. Another dangerous issue that results from floods is the spread of disease.

Unfortunately, flooding typically happens every year around this time because of excessive rain flow into the region. Brazil’s rainy season usually starts in November and major flooding is not uncommon as some people might think.

Brazil’s State Secretary of Health Dr. Sergio Cortes understands how diseases can rampantly spread under these conditions. He has experienced this issue first hand throughout his many years of providing service to the public. The reason why diseases has a tendency to multiply among people has to do with the lack of hygiene and sanitation in a flood stricken area.

When people do not have clean running water or adequate plumbing they will not be able to wash-up, brush their teeth or use the bathroom. Sewer water also mixes in with clean water when an area has been flooded. Once this happens microorganisms begin to spread at an accelerated pace. People with viruses or some other type of contagious medical ailment can also spread it to their neighbors with fewer restrictions.

Dr. Cortes knows all of these factors are at play in flood impacted territories. To avoid increased cases of disease and sickness; Cortes is now visiting flood prone areas. He wants to make sure that people are receiving the best care possible. Dr. Cortes effort is helping to keep thousands free from disease and sickness.

Health organizations in these areas have a tendency to be overwhelmed in terms of resources, medical staff and having enough room to handle the inflow of sick people. With the right type of aid from the health minister they should be able to stay on top of this situation. Readers can find out more about Dr. Cortes plans for flood aid by finding out more about this story in Extra. People can also connect to Dr. Cortes LinkedIn account to get more information as well.

Nothing But Motivation


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I have been trying so hard for the longest time to get into Solo Capital as a private investor. So far I have not had any luck, but that does not mean that I am going to quit trying. I am full of nothing but motivation and pride, so failure is really not an option I am willing to accept. Solo Capital is one of the most popular private investment firms in the area and I would love to have a seat inside their business where I can start earning a nice salary for a change. I have worked at a bank for the past six years and the pay still hasn’t gotten any better. You would think that a bank would pay a person well to protect all the money that lies within the building, but that is not the case what so ever.

I have always been the type of man to provide for my family and working here is just not cutting it for me financially. This week I am going to write an email to Sanjay Shah personally, asking about the possibility of getting another interview. I honestly believe that if I explain my situation and the amount of ambition I have in me to succeed, that he will at least think his decision over once more. I would be a great asset to any firm because I do not have any children, I have an extremely flexible schedule and I have 2 bachelor degrees in business and law. Not to mention an associate degree in psychology. You wouldn’t think psychology would be beneficial to a firm, but it certain peculiar situations it is.

Sanjay Shah is a wonderful businessman himself who has a heart when it comes to everything in life. He even owns his own organization called Autism Rocks that he created for his youngest son who was diagnoses with Autism at an early age. A man with a heart that large is sure to sit down and listen to another mans story on his position in life and he needs this job so bad. If Sanjay was to hire me, I have nothing but the highest hopes that I would become one of the biggest most beneficial assets to Solo Capital. Not only will I bring new ideas to the table that could change the firm for the better, but I would bring laughter and a good personality to keep people calm and collected in nerve-wrecking situations.

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Solo Capital Partner Founder Sanjay Shah Manages Succesful Business And Philanthropic Projects


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Solo Capital Markets is a financial services company, founded by Sanjay Shah, specializing in international boutique investments. The firm was incorporated in 2011 and has headquarters in London, while being registered and regulated in the United Kingdom.

A Successful Five Year Run

Solo Capital has several divisions including proprietary trading in commodities and derivatives and consulting services for investments and human capital. The company is also into professional sports investment, with services ranging from talent acquisition to performance and asset management. Its total worth is estimated to be £15.45 million, with assets worth £67.45 million and cash inflow amounting to £30.26 million.

The firm is currently managed by Solo Group Holdings, under Aesa S.a.r.l., with founder and CEO Sanjay Shah at the helm of all three companies. The company currently has 3 directors and employs about 40 people.

Beginnings And Expansion

Shah gained experience in investment banking by working as an accountant with major investment banks including Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. In September 2011, Shah decided to launch a brokerage company of his own, leading to the foundation of Solo Capital Partners LLP.

A well-known businessman with British roots, Shah has a network of over 39 companies in London, Dubai, Malta, The British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, and more under his name. Before Solo Capital’s incorporation in 2011, he was reported to have earned £19 million through his hedge fund. In 2014, he led Solo Capital’s acquisition of Old Park Lane Capital, a natural resources-focused stockbroker company. This move ended up boosting Shah’s current estimated net worth to about $280 million.

Autism Research And Other Philanthropic Projects

Shah is also widely known for his many philanthropic projects, the most famous being Autism Rocks, a fundraising organization dedicated to autism research. Autism Rocks was founded in 2011 after Shah’s son got diagnosed with the nervous disorder.  Since then, major names from the music industry like Snoop Dogg, Drake, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Buble have been associated with the project and contributed to raising millions for autism research.

Shah has also held the position of trust director of the Autism Research Trust since January 2013. He, alongwith his wife Usha Shah, sponsors autistic children in India and is a regular donor to the Autism Research Centre of Cambridge University.

Artificial Sweeteners: Are They Really That Bad?


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Over the past couple years there have been numerous innovations that have changed the face of colas and other types of carbonated drinks. Of the newer modernizations that have been made in the soda-pop industry, sweeteners that are artificial have become conventional. This is changing the way dieters and other consumer’s purchase their drinks on a daily basis. However, are these low-calorie and zero calorie drinks really harmful to your health?

New Simulated Sweeteners

What is a reproduction sweetener? Fundamentally, any sweetener that has been added to your favorite beverage that is not natural or from nature is considered to be artificial within certain courses of action of the law in the United States of America. This can include some sweeteners that seem to be healthy and natural. Despite this, it can be a major deception of consumers.

Sam Tabar (bloomeberg) has learned that artificial sweeteners play a major role in the human brain. Unlike when a person consumes natural sugars such as fructose or cane sugar, artificial sweeteners fool the brain. This can increase hunger which in turn can create a platform for increase caloric consumption after the drink with artificial sweeteners has been consumed.

This can lead to increased obesity and weight gain over an extended period of time. Therefore, artificial sweeteners may not be as sweet as they seem. This means that drinking a diet soda may have a negative impact on your health.