Heavy Rains Cause Massive Damage in Oklahoma and Texas


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Houston and San Antonio, Massive Floods, Texas and Oklahoma | Posted on 27-05-2015

The recent downpour of heavy rains in Texas and Oklahoma has caused massive damage, closed schools, shut down highways and has even been blamed for the deaths of several people. Christian Broda noted that the biggest culprit for the damage and destruction is flooding caused by heavy rains that have been ongoing for days now in Texas and Oklahoma. Imagine a river that is normally several feet deep, rising to a depth of over 13 feet. That is taller than the tallest basketball player. This is the reality now in parts of Texas, where rivers like the Blanco River have risen to a depth of more than 13 feet. This would literally cover a typical home completely in water from floor to ceiling.

Many homes have been washed away from their foundation in Texas. This is how bad the flooding is in Texas and Oklahoma right now. In Houston many cars have been abandoned on highway 45 as flood waters have made driving impossible or too dangerous. Several of the deaths caused by the heavy rains have been caused by people not being able to exit their cars while being stuck in flooded highways. Adding to an already bad situation, is that several tornadoes touched down in Texas along the US Mexico border. The tornadoes caused widespread damage in Mexico where they killed dozens of people and destroyed hundreds of homes. Cities in Texas such as Houston and San Antonio are especially hard hit with flooding of small streams in the city responsible for causing damage and stranding people.