Thor Halvorssen In a Fight For Rights


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Thor Halvorssen is someone that has made it his life priority to fight for the rights of others that are going through tough times in their oppressive country. Thor takes care of all of the issues that are prevalent in countries like North Korea, and other dictatorship countries. Thor is also someone who has dealt with some of the problems that come with corrupt governments and human rights violations. He is someone who does not just sit around and talk about human rights. He also goes into the countries and experiences some of the foul treatment that the victims of the countries experience.

There are quite a few countries where the ruler treats people as less than human. A lot of times, the ruler would have his people look to him like he is a god. This is one of the ways that human rights violations occur. As a result, the dictators secure their position as the ruler of the country. Often times these regimes have been in effect for decades before someone is able to catch that. In many cases, it is going to take a huge fight to be able to take care of this issue. It also takes a good strategy. Thor at Facebook.

Fortunately, people like Thor Halvorssen are willing and able to take on the matter with a good strategy so that they can be effective in what they are doing so that the problem can be solved once and for all. Thor is someone who is making a really good impression in the world of human rights activism. He is not only revealing the issue for human rights but is also showing people that activists do more than just talk the talk, they also walk their path towards a more humane world where people are treated as equals. for more.

Thor Halvorssen’s Political Endeavors That Have Brought Democracy in Many Countries


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Human right activism has provided a better chance in the advancement of democracy around the world. Many people have been able to exercise there democratic rights without fear of intimidation or victimization. This has been evident in countries that have experienced worst form of political dictatorship due to poor leadership. This has been necessitated with the emergence of vibrant human activists across the world like Thor Halvorssen. Thor Halvorssen has championed the rights to equality and fair political processes by engaging in human activism that have champion for fair distribution of resources. Thor was born in Venezuela from a powerful family that was linked to the first Venezuelan president Cristobal Mendoza. As such, they have been in the political limelight for quite a long time. His father was given a ministerial post where he served as Ambassador for anti-Narcotic Affairs. This was a powerful position in the government then and attracted a lot of public interest. He proceeded to advance in education where he graduated with a degree in history and political science from the University of Pennsylvania. This as his breakthrough in the world of political advocacy and championship. Thor Halvorssen entered active politics in 1993 when his father was arrested by the then government was he was investigating a high-level case of drug trafficking and money laundering. Thor Halvorssen at Facebook.

After his father was brutally beaten and tortured to a point of death, Thor Halvorssen started activism and campaign that were geared towards seeing his father released from prison. Due to the weight matter at hand, the international human right bodies joined in the campaign. Amnesty International was the first organization that weighed in on the campaign and protested the innocence of Thor Halvorssen’s father. His father was alter released after they found him innocent of all the charges that had been labeled on him. The activism took another turn when his mother was shot at during the peaceful protests in Venezuela. Watch Video Here .

Halvorssen has been actively involved in film production. He has co-produced a movie titled Freedom Fury that has been receiving a lot of positive reviews from the public. As such, he has achieved a lot in the wider industry of film production. for more.

Thor Halvorssen Leads The Human Rights Foundation To Success Across The Globe


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The success achieved by Thor Halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation is not measured by the number of column inches the Venezuelan born founder of the activism group achieves, but is instead determined by the number of political prisoners released and how much disruption can be caused to tyrannical regimes across the planet. Halvorseen established the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 after beginning to feel his impact as a human rights activist was being limited by the approach taken by the major activist groups he was working with; Thor does not believe his work is best served by working in areas of activism that are largely based in democratic countries such as the U.S. and member states of the European Union. Watch Video .

Thor Halvorssen quickly decided the Human Rights Foundation would be best served by being based in New York where the group would largely be free from political interference, but wished to make sure the majority of the work completed would be completed in parts of the world where dictators were limiting the opportunities of their citizens. Thor has felt the people of the world are best served by identifying those nations who strip their citizens of their basic human rights, the decision to award an annual prize to Cuban graffiti artist El Sexto made headlines for breaking the convention of avoiding the human rights abuses committed by socialist leaning governments.

Thor Halvorssen believes has led the Human Rights Foundation to become a major part of the activism community across the world because of the large number of events and programs the organization has taken part in. As a winner of the Romanian governments silver medal for his services to human rights, Halvorssen has become a global figure who attended the United Nations Council Member Elections in his role as the founder of the Human Rights Foundation to detail the abuses committed by those governments standing for election to the UN Human Rights Council. for more.