Todd Lubar’s Success Philosophy


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A successful businessman, Todd Lubar has built an impressive resume over the years. A speech graduate from a Syracuse University Lubar has more than two decades of experience working in the finance world. Currently he is the President of TDL Global Ventures. This group is a leader in providing mortgage services to a plethora of clients. Lubar decided to sit down with inspirery to share some insight into his philosophy and what he thinks has made him so successful.

Lubar spent many years working in the credit and finance world. It became clear to him however that his passion was more focused on helping people with their home owing dreams. After spending much of his time watching people struggle to get the loans necessary for home ownership, Lubar decided he wanted to make a change. He was convinced that he could provide help for those facing obstacles during this time. This is where he began to focus his energy.

Despite success, it took Lubar many years to become profitable. His philosophy however was to focus on the aspirations of the client and the profit will eventually come. That is exactly what happened. Lubar does not think it was a coincidence that he became a profitable businessman. He credits hard work as the most important factor in achieving his success. Lubar believes in staying informed about each and every single part of his business. He is on top of even the smallest details and this helps him to make very informed decisions. Such attention to detail has allowed Lubar to have the longevity that he has had in this field.

Todd Lubar is excited about the future of his company and what it may bring. He is convinced that if the company continues to focus on the dreams of its clients, success and profit will follow. Certainly with his track record, there will be much more success in the future for Todd Lubar.

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FreedomPop’s Services Expand to the UK


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People looking for mobile services that are affordable and even free would do good to join FreedomPop. FreedomPop has a lot of options for people that are looking for a mobile service that they don’t have to pay a lot of money for. They offer plenty of features for the customer for free. Their other services are also cheaper than what others can get with any other carrier. This service has proven to be very successful. FreedomPop’s success has allowed them the ability to expand their services. They have expanded their ‘freemium’ services to the UK.

Their service offer 4G mobile data service for users. However,given the price, the amount of data and minutes that people get when they sign up for the service is small. Then again, one gets what he pays for and this is a great service that no other carrier is offering. If one wants any more service, he has to pay a relatively affordable fee for more features. He can pay with money, or he could earn more service by completing marketing surveys created by third-party companies. This makes it a little easier for the user who is hurting for money to buy some services.

Given the extremely affordable nature of this service, the ability for one to take advantage of this service is rather limited. In order for one to be able to take advantage of what FreedomPop on reviews has to offer in the UK, as well as other countries that are being served, one has to buy products that are pre-programmed into the mobile carrier. The products that are designated for FreedomPop are very limited. Among the products available are the old iPhone and a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tablet. One could also use some of their old Sprint phones in order to sign up for the program.

The expansion to the UK is a fairly profitable move according to Stephen Stokols. He claims that the company only needs 50,000 subscribers for profitability. As of right now, there are aims to reduce the cost of the program with the use of WiFi to send traffic as opposed to mobile networks. As of right now, users can only sign up for FreedomPop online. FreedomPop is quickly becoming the big mobile provider that people are looking for as evidence in the article released on Telegraph. As they expand, people will get to experience the advantage of being a part of the service being offered by FreedomPop.

New Form of Cement is Stronger than Traditional Cement and Better for the Environment


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Cement is used to make concrete, which is one of the basic building blocks of our civilization. The material is very hard and practical for all types of construction ranging from 100 mile long stretches of highway to the tallest buildings. It is not, however, without its downsides. The manufacturing process for cement uses a lot of heat and coal, which contributes to global warming. Brenardo Chua ( knows that this has been an insurmountable problem given that concrete is such an indispensable building material. There may be a way around this conundrum.

An environmental chemist and inventor in Arizona has stumbled upon a material that may one day replace traditional Portland cement for use in making concrete. The manufacturing of this new material does not use coal or the extreme heats of traditional cement processes, and its ingredients are primarily discarded materials from other industries. It has also been tested in a lab and is approximately five times stronger than regular Portland cement based concrete. This material is new, so it would be sometime before it could be gotten near the scale of production of other cement, but it holds tremendous promise as its manufacturing has zero impact on the environment. Given that cement manufacture is thought to contribute to about five percent of overall global warming, this is a material worth investing in and bringing to market as quickly as possible.

Here Comes The Apple Watch


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The Apple Watch was unveiled, and it sure is getting a lot of attention. Of course it is though, after all it is an Apple product. Some people love it, others hate it. Some people think it’s genius, and some people think it’s dumb. I think something that we can all agree on is good grief those notifications are going to be a nightmare.

We hear them on our phone constantly. The vibration of a text message, the ding of a Facebook notification, the chime of a new email…it seems constant. We can get away from it though. We have the ability to simply put our phone down and forget about it. But, can we get away from those notifications with the Apple Watch?

According to BuzzFeed the constant interaction on the watch may be hard to get away from. After all, all it takes is one quick tap to get the attention of another Apple Watch user. All the things you could do on a cell phone, you’ll be able to do on a watch. But, you won’t be able to get away. That watch will be on you. And since it is a cool new product, you most likely will not want to take it off.

So remember to take some time to step back from technology and remember a simpler time when watches just told time. Zeca Oliveira ( agrees that the Apple Watch is a nifty little gadget, and will be popular for a while but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tale a break every now and then.

Qnet and Multi Level Marketing


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Qnet is a large direct sales company that while based out of Hong Kong, does the majority of its work throughout southeast Asia. The company has proven extremely successful selling home goods, including health and energy products, weight loss items, accessories and other items that just about everyone, in some shape or form, is going to need. Due to this, it is necessary to look at how the company markets and how it reaches out to potential customers. Through the help of its multi level marketing platform, Qnet has prove capable of growing its brand and reaching larger groups of clients.

A multi level marketing platform means a company has one major distributor, and then each level has more and more distribution and sales points. Instead of just keeping the profits from these sales, the different sales levels receive pay directly from Qnet. As the head of the marketing platform, Qnet sells its goods to a few different major distributors. These distributors then sell the items to local stores, and these stores then sell the products to consumers. Should the consumers desire, they are able to sign up for an affiliate program, which makes it possible to sell the products further down the line. Now, the money for each sale does not directly stay with the individual or business that sold the product. Instead, it is commission based, so while the majority of the money goes back to Qnet, the sales team receives a commission for the sale (kind of like a car sales specialist receiving a commission for selling a vehicle for the dealership). Basically this is a pyramid method of selling goods, as it is possible for Qnet to make money multiple times off of every sale, without ever being cut out of the sales approach. This means it is better for Qnet to have product sold time and time again instead of just sold once.

Qnet does need to inform the local population of the different products for sale. These different products are essential and the marketing needs to reach a large number of possible customers. To do this, the best way to reach out to the local markets and have millions of people see the products for the southeast Asian market is to have ads run in newspapers, local magazines, billboards and other print methods where the local communities are going to see the ads over digital options.

FreedomPop – First Free Nationwide Mobile Broadband Provider


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FreedomPop is a Los Angeles-based telecommunications company that is shaking up the Wi-Fi and mobile phone industry by offering free services to customers in the United States. Started by CEO Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop was launched in 2012 is backed by major venture capital funding firms such Atomico, Mangrove Capital and DCM. Its high speed wireless internet and mobile services run off of Sprint’s LTE, 4G and 3G networks.

Stephen Stokols, a technology entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, is the founder of and current CEO of FreedomPop. Before starting up FreedomPop, Stokols was the founder of Woo Media, an online chat and video social netwok. Stokols started Woo Media in cojunction with entrepreneur George Berkowski. The online speed dating service, Zoosk, purchased Woo Media in 2011. Prior ventures and jobs include working as Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for BT Group, Director of Commerce for Qwest Communications and Director of Business Positioning for Alta Vista.

FreedoomPop offers free mobile and home wi-fi internet services as well as free mobile phone services. It is the first major company in the United States to offer completely free services to major markets. Customers can choose a wide variety of plans and pay upgrade fees to have higher mobile data usages. The company does not place customers on contracts. Customers have the option of bring and utilizing their own devices on FreedomPop’s network or can purchase low-cost devices through the company. Right now, the company is offering customers the ability to purchase top-of-the-line smartphone devices like the Samsung S2, S3, S4, Apple iPhone 5, HTC Evo 4G, and the Samsung Victory 4G LTE.
For at-home internet services, FreedomPop offers customers the ability to either have a wi-fi hotspot modem or a stand-alone modem that can be plugged directly into a laptop or desktop computer. FreedomPop also offers international calling services. This enables customers to reach friends and family located all throughout the globe, and the company gives 100 minutes of international calling as part of the service.

Right now, FreedomPop has partnered up with leading online retailers such as, Amazon, K-Mart, Tiger Direct, PC Mall, StackSocial, DataVision, Adorama, and Newegg. You can check out Amazon product reviews for FreedomPop here.

Earlier this year, it was reported by major sources that Sprint would be acquiring FreedomPop. If this stands true, the company would be valued at anywhere between $200 million to $400 million. Sprint recently has been suffering huge sales losses to other mobile services providers like Verizon and T-Mobile.

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