Jason Hope Shows How The Internet Of Things Is Affecting Air Travel


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Increasingly, the Internet of Things is becoming a reality rather than something that is far off science fiction. Every day more and more everyday objects are wirelessly communicating with each other, and one leading technology research company says that by 2020 more than 25 billion devices will be able to do so.

Air travel is one of the areas where the Internet of Things is already being used in a number of different ways. The first improvement is safety. Virgin Atlantic uses Boeing 787s that have virtually every part of the plane connected via a wireless network. This network uses real-time tracking of all of the parts of the plane in order to detect problems so that they can be resolved as quickly as possible. Another way the Internet of Things is helping is improved customer service, with things such as easy check-in, personalized travel, and the Internet of Things tags being embedded in luggage tags in order to make it far easier to track.

Jason Hope is a futurist who made a fortune by being one of the first smartphone app developers. He now invests in startup technology companies that he sees are creating groundbreaking, disruptive new products and services. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is a graduate of Arizona State University.

In addition to his passion for technology, Jason Hope is also passionate about giving back to the community. Jason Hope invests his time, skills, and effort in students who have promising ideas that could revolutionize the world.

Better Entrepreneurship Skills with Josh Verne


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Josh Verne is a prosperous entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer and also the founder of Workpays LLC. Apart from these companies he manages the top union of trade stocks store. In the year 2003 he was selected as the president and he managed a universal company in selling over $200mm.


He graduated from high school in the year 1995.He therefore effectively progressed to top level and taking control of the family business. He invented a structure of strategies that made Workpays the top and leading delivery space in equipment. Josh Verne observes particular values in order to be prosperous. He has over 20 years of experience, he creates a business then sells them. He is also the CEO of Flocku.com, a company that assists students to share information on online platforms.


The first stage of being prosperous in business is not being a boss and be a leader. A boss only cares about himself and not others, as well as he always aims to achieve his objectives while a leader is a person of the people, he places his team member’s priority first before any other thing. This allows them to be appreciated because they earn it. He works together with his team members to accomplish goals that will profit each one of them.


The second stage is win-win situation one must be alerted to make a deal that cannot end up in a loss. Be inspired to win in each contract you come across to.

The third stage is less speaking and listening more. This enables your staff members to display more respect henceforth they will always pay more attention to you when you are talking.


Finally realize what you adore most and what motivate you each morning to wake up and pursue it. This will inspire you to develop your business and transform your life and those surrounding you.