The Role of Jason Hope in Advancing the World of Technology


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About Jason Hope

Over the years, Jason Hope has earned an excellent reputation as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and futurist. With a passion for technology, Jason leverages that knowledge to navigate market trends. That helps him predict trends in the world of technology. Based on current technological trends, Jason Hope believes that the future of modern society will be defined by the Internet of Things (IoT). As technology evolves, so do the number of connected devices.

Jason Hope’s insights about the world of technology are helpful to individuals and businesses looking forward to leverage technology in the future. As an Arizona native, Jason Hope attended ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business and Arizona State University to pursue an MBA and a degree in Finance respectively. The idea for starting a grant program came after Jason Hope realized that young entrepreneurs had great ideas but they could not bring them to the market due to the state of the economy. Jason Hope takes their business ideas through his official website, and pick the most interesting ideas. He believes that the future of technology depends on the great ideas brought up by young aspiring entrepreneurs.

As many of the world’s largest corporations start to embrace the Internet of Things, it will become imperative for other companies to keep up with their pace. Jason Hope predicts that IoT will fuel the world where all conceivable devices will connect with each other. While technology is simply a viable option, for now, it will become a necessity in the future. In fact, companies will soon start to compete in the creation of apps to help consumers to engage across a variety of devices. The race to the top will be based on consumer utility. Jason Hope expects this competition to become quite fierce as technology continues to evolve.

Embracing the Internet of Things helps eliminate plenty of waste resources while creating a safe environment. The Internet of Things has brought significant improvements in the world of public transport. For example, real-time mapping of public bus routes has reduced accidents and traffic congestion significantly. Public satisfaction with trains and public buses will only increase as technology continues to evolve.

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Handling a “Shark Attack”


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Companies are always going to be under fire. Customers will either love them, deal with them, or hate them. How a company handles all three types of customers says a lot about the companies message and viability in the future. White Shark Media has had their share of complaints and attacks from unhappy customers, just as they have had rave reviews. How they handle the attacks and complaints tells you the type of service to expect and company that they are.
There are many area’s that customers can communicate their experiences. It can be difficult for a company to make sure they reach all areas so that no customer slips through the cracks. White Shark Media response on Facebook, youtube, yelp, their website, and other social media outlets which they are a part of. This is key so that not only do your loving customer’s continue to feel that love, but your negative customers get a chance to see a side of the company that maybe they hadn’t noticed before. Having any comment addressed is important for customers to feel safe and secure with the company they have chosen. Even a negative comment can become a positive relationship if it gets the attention needed to handle genuine issues and White Shark Media strives to accomplish just that.
Timely responses are another aspect of customer communications that not all companies seem to understand. If a customer says anything and it goes unaddressed they may feel as though their experience wasn’t important to the company. White Shark Media has shown the ability to respond on all media outlets quickly and with open arms. I noticed that many times they would attempt to correct or address issues brought to their attention within a short period of time.
Lastly, what a company does for its customers is the last step to fostering long term relationships. If a customer offers a valid complaint and is offered little to nothing in response then the relationship will end on the spot, along with any referrals or potential customers who notice that sort of behavior. White Shark Media seems to offer either a solution to the issue at hand or they offer an invitation to further communicate to work through the issue. Attention to the details of a customer’s interest allows for all interactions to potential lead to long lasting relationships.
Attention to details, timely responses, actions with words are cornerstones for any business’s customer relations. It is refreshing to see a company willing to put the time and energy in all aspects of it’s relationship with the consumers that keep it alive. White Shark media seems to be very capable of meeting all the needs for lasting positive customer relations even if issues come up.
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White Shark Media and its Effect


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White Shark Media has proven to be effective for its clients. Many clients that have gone to them for services have come back with more sales and greater satisfaction. They work best for smaller businesses. Among the ones that they work for are jewelry businesses and blogs when it comes to improving their ratings according to some comments. White Shark Media does have its strengths when it comes to the services it provides. Clients that work with White Shark Media are given a lot of pointers that help them not only grow as business people, but as overall people. This gives them a lasting change of direction.

Given that they aren’t that large of a company, they do a very good job for the size that they are. They do have a success rate with certain clients. There are clients that are very satisfied with the jobs that they have done for them. They are definitely good about helping their clients gain more visits from their own region. Local SEO is one of their greatest strengths when it comes to marketing for their clients. They know how to drive targeted traffic to their clients based on their direction, even specific to their gender.

Another strength that White Shark Media has is that they are very quick to provide support to their clients in case of a problem. This is a sign of great business. They really care about the satisfaction of their clients. Meanwhile, they take the time to develop their craft at marketing so that they can bring even more satisfaction to their clients. They are great for helping their clients build a loyal group of customers no matter how the competition is like in the industry that they are trying to succeed in.

White Shark Media is one of the firms that people running small businesses should check out. They can help businesses succeed in any industry. They take the time to look at what the client is trying to market and determine the target audience. They then work with their clients in order to formulate a plan with the purpose of reaching their target audience which includes finding out where most of the people in their audience gather and finding out a way to reach them in an ethical manner. White Shark Media can definitely increase the sales of their clients in a significant manner within weeks of working with them.

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Status Lab-Reputation Bodyguards


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The Internet makes it possible for companies to project themselves around the world. People now derive their beliefs about you and your company from the information they get off the web. Additionally, the openness of the web has made it difficult for companies and individuals to protect themselves from unwarranted and unsubstantiated online attacks. Status Labs is a company that protects people and companies by managing their online presence both defensively and with aggressive reputation management campaigns.

Status Labs can re-engineer a company’s digital presence in numerous ways. Using proprietary technology combined with image management, Status Labs can help increase your visibility in search engines. Google is the standard for search engines and you want your company to be on the first page of Google results. Studies have shown that most searchers on the Internet never click to page two on searches. So for a company to stand out in their market it’s imperative they have a page one Google response.

As the e-commerce grows so does the need to rethink public relations. The strategies that worked a few years ago might not be relevant now. Status Labs is responsive to this new era and crafts public relation campaigns based on proven methods combined with new methods relevant for today’s technology.

These methods include Google Image Curation, making sure your company logo and pictures related to your company and executives are presented on the web as you want them. This includes removing the negative photos and promoting the positive images.

Executives, athletes, politicians, and even non-celebrities need to be acutely aware of how they are presented on the web. Whether they are re-branding themselves into another market, or protecting their online reputation from attacks, executives need to be proactive in maintaining their reputation.

Status Labs is a multinational corporation with offices in the United States, Brazil, and Mexico. The President, Darius Fisher, was listed by PRNewswire as one of the top 50 rising young starts of the public relations and digital relations field. Status Labs was also commended by Yahoo and the New York Times for their assistance to victims of the Ashley Madison hack. Additionally they have been featured in the Daily Beast where tips were given to ordinary people on how they could most effectively protect their online reputations.