George Soros Is Busy Doing His Bit to Change the World


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George Soros is easily one of the most generous philanthropists. He has donated literally billions, $32 billion to be exact, to various causes. Most of his donations are given to organizations devoted to social causes. In fact, he is the founder of Central European University located in Budapest and is its main funder. This university is also a leading institution when it comes to the study of social sciences related topics.

His most recent contribution was an $18 billion donation which he took from his personal fortune and gave it to Open Society Foundation. Before he gave this money his personal fortune was valued at approximately $23 billion! In fact, this donation took him from being the 20th wealthiest person in the US down to being the 59th wealthiest American! These numbers only illustrate the level of generosity  commitment he has towards the foundation and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George’s personal story is like something straight out of a Hollywood movie. Born in Budapest, Hungary, in a Jewish family a few years before WWII, he and his family witnessed his town being overrun by Nazis. After surviving this terrible incident, he had to witness the second invasion of his home country after the war, by the Soviets. He managed to escape and decided to move to England, where he completed his studies at the London School of Economics. After a couple of decades spent in London, England, he decided to get into the world of finance and moved to New York in 1956. He started working on Wall Street in the investment finance world.

It was after working on Wall Street for a couple of decades that he was able to raise the money and start his own hedge fund company, Soros Fund Management, which ultimately made him a billionaire. After becoming highly successful he looked for ways to spend his money to help make society better and that is how in a nutshell he started Open Society Foundation. This foundation is actually the mothership of many other organizations that work on improving peoples lives in over 100 countries.

The Open Society Foundation can be described as an organization that helps people who have been marginalized in society, based on their race, gender, professional occupation even sexual orientation. For example, the foundation has helped the Roma people of his birth country to get a better life for themselves by getting a better education. The same also goes for people belonging to the LGBTQ community sex workers.

The reason behind George’s passion for these types of causes is because of his personal experience of watching his family dodge the Nazis Communist invaders. After it was officially made public this year, the donation to the Open Society Foundation makes it second only to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in size. These days, the Open Society Fund is directing a large part of its efforts in dealing with discrimination and other social injustices happening in the US. Mr. Soros decided to do this because of his concern of what has started to happen in the country after the previous Presidential elections and Follow him

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UKV PLC wine investment company


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This is a company that is focused on acquisition and sale of the most illustrious and pleasurable wine and champagne. It is located in the UK. It is committed to providing the best customer care services to clients and also carry high quality labels. It is a company that works in partnership with several other brokers and merchants to ensure that the best is offered in the market. UKV PLC provides advice to buyers and sells to people who buy for pleasure as well as those who purchase for financial benefits.

UKV PLC carry a wide variety of wines. They have those that are ancient and the most recent labels. As it goes, the quality of the drink increases with age. They have wine made from some of the best vineyards in the region and beyond. An example of the types available is the Dom Perigon 2004. There are many others that are luxurious and prestigious. Their quality is unquestionable.UKV PLC is well known on social media. It has accounts and pages on twitter, Facebook among other social sites. This has made it possible for clients to get useful information easily. They also have a web page that is very resourceful. On google, several articles regarding this company are also available. Their products are well displayed with price tags alongside them. Placing orders online has therefore been made easy and interesting.

There are a number of benefits associated with contracting with UKV PLC. Wine should be stored for a minimum of five years for an investor to realize a substantial capital gain. UKV PLC allows investors to request for a complimentary valuation of the wine collection at any given time. Many people are scared of blindly investing into something. This uncertainty is cleared when one decides to deal with this company. They offer consultants who give advice and guidance to their clients. They will advise on the opportune time to venture into this market. This helps clients realize more profit.They also assist in selecting the most suitable product for particular occasions. One of the most important benefit is that there is a hundred percentage guarantee that their products are legit and of high quality.

Martin Lustgarten on Investing the Right Way


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Martin Lustgarten is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten, Martin in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. This is a firm that advises its clients on investing. Martin Lustgarten will work with a client to see their whole financial picture and then together develop a financial plan to fulfill their financial goals whether it be shorter term like buying a house or longer term retirement goals.

An Investment Banker gives advice to his clients in order for them to determine their risk tolerance, develop a financial plan, and monitor and manage their investments. Lustgarten has been doing this for many years and has developed at team at Lustgarten, Martin that can successfully get the company’s clients on the right financial path. They will develop a customized plan for their clients portfolio assets and expertly allocate the funds between such areas as domestic stocks, international developed stocks, international developing stocks, and domestic and international bonds as deemed appropriate for that client. Lustgarten can also give advice to his clients on issues such as tax laws as well as insurance decisions. He is well versed in helping clients save for such goals as retirement, their children’s education, and other short and long term goals.

Martin Lustgarten, holding citizenship in both Austria and Venezuela, that holding international stocks is absolutely key to meeting your financial goals. It spreads out your funds increasing your porfolios diversity, which is needed so as to gain from the market while also minimizing your risk. Lustgarten’s reputation has led to him having clients in both North America and South America.

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U.S. Money Reserve to Offer Precious Metal IRA Accounts


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During a recent interview, Philip Diehl, the president of U.S. Money Reserve, spoke about the reasons for owning precious metals, especially gold. Over the centuries, the yellow metal has been recognized as money and a store of value.

There is only a limited supply of gold on this planet. On the contrary, there’s virtually no limit as to how much of paper money the governments can print. And they’ve been doing just that.

Gold offers intrinsic value by itself- something that paper currency doesn’t have. Once the trust in the government goes away, so does the money it printed. At present, gold is trading at 40% discount to its high.

Silver is also a precious metals that has industrial applications as well. Currently, silver costs only a fraction of gold’s price- about $15 an ounce. With U.S. Money Reserve, both government-issued gold and silver coins can be purchased with guarantees.

This year, the company started to offer Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) with which investors can diversify from financial assets (such as stocks) and buy gold, silver, and platinum coins, while qualifying for the tax savings that come with IRA accounts.

Those investors looking to transfer their existing IRAs to U.S. Money Reserve can get up to $250 for initial set-up and storage fees.

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of precious metals in the world and it caters to customers on all the continents. The company’s leader, Philip Diehl, is a former director of U.S. Mint, and had been appointed to the post by President Bill Clinton. He also had worked with the Department of Treasury and the U.S. Senate.

The U.S. Money Reserve offers gold coins coming from the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. The coins come in smaller and bigger sizes, making it easier for many to acquire their own gold. Meanwhile, those who consider silver to be a bargain, can purchase silver coins as well.

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Madison Street Capital Demonstrates Effective Valuation Services For Global Industries


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A financial firm that offers various services such as business valuation and corporate advisory services, must have an advanced skill set to understand the inner workings of a medium and large-sized business. Firms that offer these services should have the staff, experience, tools and resources to identify the elements of a company’s infrastructure. A successful valuation requires the ability to analyze a corporation’s strengths, weaknesses and financial status (past, present and future). Once this data is collected, a firm should be able to construct a comprehensive assessment and action plan that outlines the intricacies of a company’s profile.

Here is a short video that outlines professional valuation services:

Experience is the key for facilitating a complex and intricate valuation. Fortunately, we live in a day and age that is abundant with analytical tools and software programs that aid in a well-structured and integrity-driven enterprise evaluation. These modern tools are able to craft financial models by using precise calculations that reflect a company’s ability to profit in a volatile market.

Financial firms like Madison Street Capital are achieving great success by assisting clients through every step of the process on both sides of the transaction equation – the buying side and the selling side. Companies like Madison Street Capital have a consistent track record for professionally managing the delicate process that proceeds the sale, transfer and merger of a company.

Madison Street Capital is able to effectively balance legacy systems with emerging software tools that fine-tune the evaluation process for companies that exist in diverse industries. Madison Street Capital has many specialties, which includes providing assessments for emerging growth corporations and mid-sized establishments.

Companies like Madison Street Capital are infusing life into the global economy by providing quality services, such as financial opinions, mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, purchase price allocations, reorganization services, financial reporting, tax compliance, corporate governance and more.

In order for financial firms to surge in the crowded financial sector, it is important to understand that people are the axis for every aspect of a company’s inner workings. When an advisory firm, like Madison Street Capital, adheres to this basic principle and philosophy, they are able to structure an assessment that aligns a company’s management and leadership, investment policies, growth strategies and long-term and short-term objectives.

Madison Street Capital: On The Client’s Side


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In Today in America with Terry Bradshaw, Terry pointed out how hesitant and unsure people seem to be after the recent economic recession. Now that the economy is somewhat stabalized people are eager and ready to begin planning for and starting up new businesses. The problem is that most people new to business are hesitant because they still view financial institutions as being unpredictable and confusing. This is where Bradshaw highlights the sterling reputation and straightforward business practices off Madison Street Capital.
As Terry Bradshaw pointed out in the video, the hesitancy in starting a business comes primarily from the finacial side of that business. Asking for a loan from a bank can be intimidating and feeling unable to aquire funds can be overwhelming. One of the things the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, elaborated on during the show was that Madison Street Capital goes above and beyond required disclosure to ensure that clients feel completely informed. Education plays a very large part in the job of Madison Street Capital financial advisors as they are the ones in charge of making sure a client is aware of the risks and benefits of all of their options. They feel that when a client has all of the necessary information, he/she can feel confident in their financial plan and business model.

Another advantage to using Madison Street Capital according to their Sr. Managing Directors Barry Peterson and Karl D’Cunha is that all advisors put the needs of the clients first. They say that their experienced team of financial advisors is dedicated to knowing the business practices of their clients inside and out. This is so advisors are educated about their client’s business model and are then able to offer her/him the best possible financial advice. Madison Street Capital will even give its clients advice that they don’t want to hear. They stated that they would rather give uncomfortable advice than untrue advice, even if it means losing business. Where other investment firms might blur the truth in an effort to get a portion of the client’s money before their business goes under, Madison Capital says they would rather have a good reputation and their clients be completely aware of the decisions they are making.
Madison Street Capital is a well-established international banking investment firm that says they are dedicated to honesty and expertise. There are many financial institutions hoping to trick you into giving you more money than you anticipated or who are willing to gamble with your business without seeing the big picture. A business is more than just its CEO. Losing a business means that employees, families, and communitees are affected. When it comes to business start up and financial investment, I think Mr. Botchway said it best when he said, “Integrity is key in this business.”

Inauguration Of Alaor Marcio Araujo Food Court, In Honor Of BMG Bank’s Marcio.


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Amid the 33rd Agricultural exhibition of Santo on 21st to 24th of August, Alaor Marcio Araujo Food Court was officially unveiled. The exhibition square had Alaor’s name on it as an acknowledgement of the good work in serving the community of San Antonio. A special dish was also prepared in honor of the BMG bank entrepreneur Marcio Alaor that showed the people’s kind gesture of appreciation for his contributions.
During the inauguration, politicians, and local authority spoke well of Marcio. They said that his efforts had done a lot in the advancement of San Antonio, which is his hometown. The leaders praised Marcio saying that the changes that he made were very crucial in the growth of the town.
Mr. Luis Antonio Resende gave a speech on behalf of the people from the suburbs. He thanked Marcio for taking part in the exhibition. He acknowledged that marcio has a good personality because he did not ignore the people’s problems. Resende added that Marcio did all that he did from the heart without expecting any political favors in return.
Wilmar Son, the former mayor, acknowledged Marcio’s significant role to the people of San Antonio. He said that Marcio did a good job in converting the building, which was once a grain warehouse into a beautiful place that would become an amazing food court. Wilmar declared that that it was a good idea to name the food court after Marcio because just like the food court, Marcio fed the people with big dreams and hopes.
When the vice president of BMG bank Marcio Alaor took to the stage, he shed light on his past humble background. He said that his concern is not only the financial world but also the needs of people. Marcio thanked his family everyone who honored him. He appreciated this kind of gesture stating that only a few people get a chance to be honored like that when they are still live. He expressed his love for San Antonio and said that he will always assist whenever the need arises.
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Banking Strategies Implemented By BMG


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BMG is conscious of its conventional profile and seeks to boost the productivity of its products through responsible credit and enhanced the quality of their customer portfolio. Additionally, the bank is working tirelessly in the development of new businesses that meet its customers’ needs and that put in value to the organization. Below discussed are some of the strategies put in place by BMG to ensure its success.
Increasing profitability is one of the strategies by BMG. The company is focused on growing the loan portfolio in a sustainable manner, making sure there are attractive levels of profitability while enabling the continuation of its entire business.
The second strategy is the ensuring of asset quality. BMG is focused on high quality of credit portfolio that is built on: their conservative policy on credit; senior credit team that ensures technical and detailed analysis based on intelligence of the industry; well defined and strict approval levels, being that decisions are taken up in joint forums; and the capability of monitoring and controlling the bank.
Diversifying the sources of funding is another strategy by BMG. The corporation strives to expand the funding, by seeking long-term and sustainable lines. One of the proponents fo0r this strategy is BMG invest, a platform of fixed income geared towa5ds companies and individuals, that work with a small average ticket and consequently- have low liquidity risks for the bank. The structure of funding substantially comprises of securitization, external funding, letras finacnieras and deposits.
Efficiencies in the operations of the bank is another very crucial strategy. BMG has a competent management and corporate structure that is majorly focused on cost control. Due to this, the bank utilizes a scalable network of software systems and sales that ensure communication with the sales networks as well as process optimization. These elements permit the operational gains and development of business from economies of scale.
Human capital is crucial amongst the strategies since it is the engine of the corporation. The bank has an aim of building high-performance teams, whose personal talents will only make sense when they are capable of forming winning teams. The company will value highly the individuals that take pleasure in working for the company, serving customers effectively and overcoming barriers in a competent and efficient manner. Ricardo Annes Guimares is the bank’s CEO and also double up as the president.
The above are some of the strategies that are employed by BMG in its operations and dealings that ensure it stays the top and leading financial institution in Brazil. All other financial entities should borrow a leaf from these organizations if they want to stay afloat of competitive business practices.

About Madison Street Capital


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An elite middle market investment firm, Madison Street Capital is a firm exhibiting the leading standards of integrity and principles. The firm has earned the trust of clients around the world, because of its unyielding dedication and high standards. Madison Street Capital is committed to providing excellent service, offering valuation services, for both, public and private businesses, financial advisory services, asset management, and financial opinions. In addition to the North America offices, Madison Street Capital has firms in Africa and Asia, as well.

Clients of Madison Street Capital can expect trustworthy relationships, as its employees strive to establish and maintain long-term partnerships. The needs of the clients are assessed to determine the client’s potential and to ensure that the buyer-seller match is a good fit. The goals and objectives of the client are respected and the firm, in partnerships takes ownership of them, too. The Madison Street Capital team is a skillful team, who are able to operate in evolving markets and complex acquisitions. For clients who lack all of the necessary capital, Madison Street Capital’s advisory services, provide services to assist clients in raising the needed capital.

Madison Street Capital is an indisputably highly recognized investment firm. As a leading investment firm, Madison Street Capital has received numerous awards and recognitions. The firm was nominated and became a finalist for the Cross-Board Deal of the year, by the M&A Advisor.

Madison Street Capital has a solid history, which includes an outstanding reputation in the investment field. Madison Street Capital has diverse skills; therefore, the company is able to work in various industries, including, but not limited to, consumer goods and services, healthcare, media, real estate, and aviation. Madison Street Capital’s, client revenue profile, range from $10 million to $500 million. The firm’s clients include Fiber Science, Inc., Central Iowa Energy, LLC, and the Bond Medial Group Inc.

Madison Street Capital has diverse investors, which include foundations and endowments, unions, corporations, state and local governments, pension funds, money managers, mutual funds, and financial institutions.

The firm’s senior professional include members with a wealth of education, as well as, extensive backgrounds in the areas of healthcare, renewable energy, and the ability to raise capital.

Mr. Kenneth Griffin and his Hedge Fund, Citadel


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Mr. Kenneth Griffin is a Chicago-based investing expert. He is the CEO of Citadel, a large hedge fund he founded in 1990. Mr. Griffin hails from Daytona Beach, Florida. He started attending Harvard University after he finished up high school in 1986. During his freshman year, Mr. Ken Griffin had the genius idea to attempt to start a hedge fund. Fortunately for him, he was able to get his hands on some money that came from friends and family, and he was able to start his very first hedge fund with a little over a quarter of a million dollars. Within a year, Mr. Griffin transformed the worth of his portfolio to more than a million dollars. He went on to graduate from Harvard University in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

A year after graduating, Ken Griffin on citadel decided that he would open up his own company. Mr. Griffin decided to call that company Citadel, Limited Liability Company. Within eight years of its inception, Citadel was managing more than one billion dollars worth of assets.

Mr. Kenneth Griffin has appeared in a number of magazines for his investing prowess, such as being named one of CFO Magazine’s Global 100, which contains the most influential people in finance from all over the world. Griffin has also been listed on the Forbes 400 – in addition, he is the youngest self-made person to have ever been mentioned on the list.

Currently, Mr. Kenneth Griffin serves as a member of the G100, which contains 100 Chief Executive Officers from around the world that discusses the situation of the international economy.

Aside from his very successful business endeavors, Mr. Kenneth Griffin is surprisingly very active in his philanthropic work, collecting art, and funding big politicians as a donor. Mr. Griffin has donated to political causes such as Eric Cantor of Virginia, Mark Kirk of Illinois, and Mitt Romney’s presidential run back in 2012. Some of the art works that Griffin owns include the painting Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl, which sold for about sixty million United States dollars to Griffin in 1999. He once purchased False Start, a painting by Jasper Johns, for more than eighty million dollars.

Mr. Kenneth Griffin has easily donated more than five hundred million dollars to charity in his lifetime. Just this year, he gave away ten million dollars to the Museum of Contemporary Art in his residence of Chicago. Once, Griffin donated $150 million to Harvard University, solely for financial aid purposes.