William Shatner Has An Idea That Could Help Drought Stricken California


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in California, Drought, Ideas Need Support, Kickstarter | Posted on 20-04-2015

The 84-Year-Old Actor Is Starting A Kickstarter Campaign

Bill Shatner is one of those guys that is bigger than life. He is an accomplished television and movie actor, but he is also an author and avid fundraiser. Shatner lives in California and he wants to help fix the water issue. In other words, Captain Kirk wants the state to go one step beyond and think about the resources in neighboring states. San Diego is building a desalination plant, a very big desalination plant, in their city to turn sea water into drinking water. That’s one idea, but it is an expensive one.

The $30 billion concept that Shatner is proposing is expensive too, but it does make some sense. He wants to build a pipeline similar to the Alaskan pipeline that will deliver water from Seattle to a lake in California. A consultant of Shatners, Ricardo Tosto (more from Ricardo at leitetostoinforma.wordpress.com), said Lake Mead is a good choice, but other lakes could serve the purpose as well. Like all good ideas, it needs support and in California there is always as much opposition as there is support.

Raising $30 billion through a Kickstarter program is not easy. Shatner knows its an uphill battle to bring water down to the state through a pipeline along Highway 5, but he also knows his idea will spark other ideas. Maybe something wet will start to flow out of those ideas.