OSI Group: acquires Baho Foods


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After graduating from Iowa State University in 1987, David McDonald began working for OSI Group. Since then he has become the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group LLC. McDonald serves as a chairman for the North American Meat Institute and as an independent director for Marfrig Global Foods.

Headquartered in Aurora, OSI is a privately held corporation that operates in more than facilities in 17 countries. With 8 factories and 2 new facilities in the works, OSI Group will become the largest poultry producer in the nation. They are currently the leader in value-added protein items, such as sausage links and beef patties. OSI supplies companies with items, such as sandwich supplies, pizza items for the leading food service and retail brands.

According to OSI’s president, offering more to OSI customers isn’t limited to, product capacity, but to product development, as well. Partnering with companies helps to provide them with the products they need to grow their businesses.

OSI acquired Baho Foods, a Dutch Manufacturer of convenience foods, deli meats and snacks. By adding Baho Foods to the OSI European business umbrella, they are able to broaden their presence in Europe. According to McDonald, Baho Food’s portfolio complements OSI’s processing strengths and broadens their capabilities for providing elite customer service to their clients.

Baho Foods contain 5 subsidiaries with plants in Germany and the Netherlands. By merging Baho foods with David Mcdonald OSI Group, they are able to combine their strengths to better support their customers and incorporates strategies that will broaden their portfolios.

Mcdonald linkedin : www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

Finding Where The Money’s At


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If it came down to it and I had to choose one company to fully invest all my stocks into, it would have to be Solo Capital. Not only have I been following the company for years and working with them from time to time, but I also know the CEO Sanjay Shah personally. I believe I have known him now for about seven to eight years and five of those years we had worked together. So my knowledge of investing in their company is very extensive. Although I no longer work for Solo Capital, I do believe the company has only gone up with their client base and financial accounts.

Where I am big into stocks, I have obviously looked at a large variety of firms other than Solo Capital. When I am doing my research I try to keep all other companies statistics in mind or written down on a piece of paper. This way whenever points drop I can see why it is happening and if it is happening to other companies for the same reason. Although I only invest my money in stocks with very few companies, I still like to keep my eyes open for any other rising companies. This way if one of my already chosen companies start to slide backwards, I will know which one to jump to next.

The funny thing about Solo Capital is that I actually invested money in them with stocks before I started working for them. It was when I saw them financially climb that I decided to apply for a position at their main office. Them only being four blocks away from my home was extremely convenient. Once I got hired at Solo Capital it was easier for me to see the financial side of things. During my time there I made more money than ever with my stocks as I knew when more money was to be made and when we were about to lose it. A tip to any stock investor is to get in close to where the money is at.

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Tree planting campaign continues the development of S’well for Sarah Kauss


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The founder of S’well water bottles, Sarah Kauss, has stated to CNN she stumbled into life as an entrepreneur on the back of a simple idea and the need to help the environment. Kauss has always felt she cared for the environment, which surfaced in her commitment to carrying a stainless steel water bottle throughout her career as a financial expert. Inspired by a talk on water problems given at a business school reunion in 2009, Kauss felt the time was right for her to redesign the metal water bottle she had carried for many years to suit the lifestyle and style of modern executives.

According to their Wiki page, S’well launched in 2010 and has been an almost instant success as the insulated design of the bottles has led to ice water being kept cool for 24 hours and warm liquids hot for around 12 hours. Kauss believes this can have a major effect on the amount of water lost that warms over the course of a day in a plastic water bottle and limit the upwards of 50 billion plastic water bottles released into landfills each year in the US.

The latest step in the movement to help the environment by S’well is to develop a new design for bottles that provides a wood themed effect. Purchasing one of these wood inspired bottles means S’well will plant a tree in a US forest to help the environment benefit from the switch from plastic bottles to BPA free stainless steel insulated designs. Over 20,000 trees were planted in Florida in 2014 by S’well as Sarah Kauss continues to create an environmentally and socially responsible company in a growing field.

Meet Slyce – A Leader in Product Recognition Technology


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Ever wondered what kind of jacket someone walking past by you is wearing? Or ever wonder what kind of item is being displayed on a storefront that is not labeled? Did you ever want to purchase these items yourself? If you said yes to any of the following questions then you should consider getting a product recognition technology application for your smartphone.

What exactly is product recognition technology? It is technology that allows you to determine what kind of brand of clothing a person is wearing, what product is being displayed on a storefront, or any item that you spot somewhere that peaks your curiosity. Product recognition technology allows you to find out what the item is exactly and gives you details such as what the product is called and where you can purchase it online or in store.

So how does product recognition technology work? Product recognition technology works in a straightforward manner. You take a photo of an item with your smartphone using an image recognition technology app. The item in the photo is then analyzed by a computer program that has a database of items. After the analysis is complete, you get a result that lists the details of the item, such as name, brand, price and where it can be purchased. Product recognition technology uses the features of the item in the photograph to come up with a matching product or item. It analyzes features such as color, patterns, textures, logos, size and tags. New advancements in image recognition technology are being developed to make results more accurate.

A leading company in the development of product recognition technology applications is Slyce. They have created numerous apps that allows users to download applications that will determine what brand and style an item is by taking a simple photograph. Slyce also works with major retail chains such as Neiman Marcus and small businesses alike in developing custom tailored image recognition technology apps. Businesses have seen a significant increase in e-commerce sales after partnering with Slyce and using their image recognition technology apps.

If you have your own line of clothing or unique specialty items, you can partner with Slyce to have your item listed in their database. Users can then use the image recognition technology app from Slyce to take photos of clothing and items that peaks their curiosity. If a person happens to stumble upon an item of yours, and it is returned by the app, then you have a potential sale right there. Businesses large and small can benefit by using Slyce’s apps. Slyce also has apps for scanning coupons directly onto smartphones for easy and convenient use.

Product recognition technology is an exciting and revolutionary new way of shopping. It gives shoppers the chance to find out what an item is and purchase it right away if they must have it. Businesses can benefit from increased sales by having their items and products listed in product recognition technology databases. The product database is constantly expanding and evolving, and new developments and apps are underway.