Rocketship Education Believes in the Power of Student Potential


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Low-Income Communities | Posted on 16-10-2017

Rocketship Education’s CEO, Preston Smith, recently published an article with the 74 Million, a news site dedicated to covering education in America. The article entitled “Smith: 10 Lessons from Rocketship Education’s First Decade as a Pioneer in K-5 Personalized Learning” analyzes the top aspects about non-profit charter schools that has allowed them to succeed in the past decade.

Smith encourages a pride in the idea of the public school. Rocketship Education provides a system of public charter schools to low income communities and he believes that the community needs to embrace that. He encourages them to shift their mindset regarding public education since it is a part of the American Dream.

He also demonstrates that building community makes the success of the Rocketship Education schools possible. No single teacher, parent, or student is able to succeed on their own. By building strong partnerships with the stakeholders in the community, they are able to create incredible success.

Another key characteristic of Rocketship Education is the creation of a particular learning environment that is built on mindset. They believe in hiring educators who are life-long learners themselves, who embrace and adapt to feedback, and who are constantly looking to master and improve their teaching practice. They encourage their entire community from the stakeholders to teachers, from parents to students, to use education as an opportunity to create change. Students learn through a blended learning system that allows students to have personalized learning tailored to their needs. Teachers are provided with ample opportunities to grow in leadership and professional development. Even the parents are provided with the opportunity, as Rocketship Education provides leadership programs so that parents can recognize their power in the political aspect of education.

Rocketship Education is a network of charter schools that focuses on bringing a thriving classroom and learning opportunities to low-income communities. Rocketship education wants to provide an excellent education to their students which they achieve through personalized learning. The students, or Rocketeers as they prefer to call them, receive personalized instruction with the aid of technology. They understand that the traditional school system doesn’t allow for the unique learning opportunities which is why they sought to create their specialized blended learning model.