Slyce Develops New Relations Among Retailers


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Major Business Highlight | Posted on 25-03-2016

In an article from Yahoo Finance that was released for Slyce’s last year in their market, several crucial details were revealed that brings this visual search company into the spotlight for any potential investors. This information is helpful for anyone that considers working with Slyce, including retailers and customers. To know how the company is doing financially, technologically and to hear from the CEO in this release creates a picture of Slyce’s overall reception in their market. We’ll take some time in this post to cover the most important aspects of that report.

Technical Section

The section of the report that is concerned with technological growth shed some light on what Slyce has been doing to develop their platform and make it more consistent among all devices. The new feature called Slyce Link is in its beta testing period. It is being tested with Slyce’s first major retail customer. It has been in the development stage now for over a year, and Slyce is proud to present it now to its users. Slyce Link enables users to see items that might be out of stock by presenting other alternatives to the users’ first choice.

CEO Comments

In the Yahoo Finance report, the CEO of Slyce made some direct comments about the growth of Slyce and its expansion. Mark Elfenbein talked in detail about Slyce’s growth in their market and the visual search products that Slyce offers to help users search for anything they can see in their environment. In the release from Yahoo Finance, Mr. Elfenbein said, “We are now vigorously refining our sales process and expense stewardship.”

New Relationships With Retailers

There are several new developments reported in Yahoo Finance’s article about Slyce and major retailers. These new developments allow for users to find their products easier, and it increases the likelihood that Slyce’s platform will have their favorite products in stock with actual retailers. Some of the newest relationships over the past year at Slyce include Urban Outfitters and Show Carnival, among several other major brands.