Marc Sparks is proud of Spark Tank


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Marc Sparks | Posted on 18-07-2016

Marc Sparks is a brilliant American businessman. He has worked in the business world for decades, and he has seen many companies grow to be very successful. One of Marc’s deepest passions is helping start-ups grow. Marc believes that start-ups bring new and exciting ideas to the marketplace.

These ideas are rarely considered by established companies and they can permanently change our lives. In the last two decades, Marc Sparks has seen establishments around the world change the way we communicate, travel, and eat. Marc has helped fund numerous start-ups, and he believes that funding cycle is helpful to start-ups around the world.

Several years ago, Mark Sparks and several other business people launched an exciting television program, Shark Tank. This idea allowed new companies to present their ideas and business plans to a group of intelligent business people.

These potential investors can ask any question, and they can choose to fund whichever projects they think have the most merit. Marc loves watching Shark Tank, and recently the show sparked a new idea in his brain. Marc wanted to know if the Shark Tank model could help non-profits around the country.  Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Marc has a huge heart for the world. He loves giving back to the world, and he especially loves helping non-profits that have new and interesting ideas.

He wanted to help non-profits throughout the Dallas funding get the funding they deserve, and he wanted to fund the most worthy causes. Marc recently launched Spark Tank to help start-ups around the Dallas Fort-worth.

The Spark Tank Social Innovation Challenge is inspired by Shark Tank. The challenge is very simple. There are two rounds for each challenge. In the first round, any philanthropy can submit an application.

The application contains basic information about the charity, but it also asks the charity how their project will help change the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the better. Marc and his Spark Tank team go over each application, and they invite the three teams that had the best applications.

The second round of each Spark Tank challenge invites the three best teams to present their ideas. Each team has a limited amount of time to present their idea and take questions from the panelists.

When the presentations are finished, the Spark Tank team sits down and decides which team could do the most good for the community. The winning team receives a check for $5,000.

The Spark Tank initiative has been incredibly successful thus far. Marc has already funded one organization, Dogs Matter, and he is looking forward to several more rounds of funding.

He loves working with these brilliant start-up philanthropies, and he especially loves seeing the impact that his money is having on the community.