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Robert Ivy is an architect that has been very up and coming in the past few years since he graduated from Tulane University with his Masters of Architecture. However, before this Ivy was involved in getting his Bachelors in Arts, the main focus on English, from Sewanee: The University of the South.

However, this was just the start of an amazing career that he would have and would just start to be the proof that he would need to have to get to the level that he has obtained today as CEO of the American Institute of Architects, a position he obtained in 2011.

Prior to reaching this level of professional excellence, Ivy would be working as a principal for Dean/Dale. He would become with Dean & Ivy a tremendous critic of a lot of the national publications. This is very interesting considering the position that he has held now for several years and how he has managed to come to the position as well.

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In addition to being one of the main critics of the national publications, Ivy would be on the jury to help select the architect that would help to design the Dwight Eisenhower monument. This may not seem like it would be that important of a decision, but it was an honor that he had to be on this very distinguished panel of architects.

Architectural Record is a journal that not many people outside of the architect world may have heard of before. However, this is a magazine that is one of the leading journals when it comes to architects. Robert Ivy, when he took over as the Editor in Chief position would help to grow the magazine by leaps and bounds to become one of the most widely read architectural magazines around the globe, instead of having it localized to a single country.

With regards to publishing books, Ivy would not disappoint people. In fact, Ivy would publish a book entitled, Fay Jones Architect. This is a book that would showcase the works in the biographical format of Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright was often seen as a very forward thinker and well ahead of his time for the period.

Robert Ivy is one of the architects that you may have never heard of before. However, in the world of architects, he is one of the most influential people and has been seen as a trend setter around the globe.

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