Healthy Spirit, Healthy Body: The Joseph Bismark Way


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Cool Business Ideas, Mindfulness, Philanthropy | Posted on 29-07-2015

I thought it was funny to see a businessman primarily described as being interested in a healthy lifestyle. Health is Joseph Bismark’s way of life, as described in the blog Left Handed, Right Mind.” But for Bismark, health doesn’t just mean eating your vegetables and exercising; he is concerned about the health of the spirit, too, and the health of the planet. The company for which he is the managing director is called the Qi Group, and it encourages the use of materials recycling, solar power, and paperless workflows. 

Bismark learned about the importance of being healthy in his body and mind when he spent several years in an ashram in the Philippines. He decided to leave the ashram to bring his values to the world of business. I think it is very important for businessmen to love wellness, and not just to focus on money all of the time.

Bismark is a dynamic leader and believes strongly in encouraging teamwork, creativity, and entrepreneurship in his employees. He thinks that everyone can do great things. These values have led to success for his company. He is also affiliated with the RYTHM Foundation, which gives back to the community. 

We need more business leaders to be inspiring examples of humanity. We need them to care about the health of human beings’ bodies and spirits, as well as the health of our world. Joseph Bismark’s commitment to health is therefore an inspiration to many.