Using Apps to Date


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Mobile | Posted on 28-01-2016

Online dating is almost a thing of the past now that everyone owns a smartphone. Dating apps are the new rage amount singles and those wishing to expand their social circles. Dating apps take online dating a step further by using the location features of smartphones. With the location feature enabled, dating apps allow users to see who is in their vicinity, creating a faster and more immediate way of finding a date.

Dating apps pave the way to larger social circles and intimate networking. With online dating in the past it could take a weeks to find another member who checks their profile and responds, but with dating apps it’s immediate. Users can locate people that are active at that very moment and in the general area and schedule to meet up. It is a great way to meet people, not only for romantic rendezvous, but also just to hang out.

Skout is the leading app for expanding social circles. It is available in many different countries and languages. With Skout, users can identify other users in their area to chat and potentially meet up. It is a convenient way to meet friends and make new acquaintances in the same area who enjoy the same activities.

Skout conducted a study about people’s lifestyles and determined that friends are an important part of keeping New Years Resolutions. The study revealed that people are more likely to need emotional support when dieting. 82% of people who took the survey wanted to make new friends this year. With Skout installed on their smartphone that won’t be hard to do. Other findings in the study included things like friends are needed to support lifestyle changes and get promotions at work.

Apps are definitely the next generation in dating. They are quick and easy to use and use the location capabilities of smartphones to limit the distance between potential matches. Not to mention, it definitely makes snapping a profile pic more convenient considering all smartphones come with cameras. Now users will need to learn how to take a good selfie to put as their profile pic. Having the right picture increases chances of getting a date.

Most online dating sites that are popular among singles, also have a corresponding app for the phone. This means that you can browse profiles or update personal information on the fly. Having an app will give immediate notifications if someone tries to contact you. Overall, having a dating app is the more convenient way to date.