Tidal under strong negotiator Desiree Perez


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Music Management Expert | Posted on 17-03-2017

There is a deal going on the Tidal and Samsung. There are already talks going on with Jay-Z and Samsung together with a long term associate and leader Desiree Perez. The corporation is said to have held discussions with Kanye West regarding the release of the album The Life of Album. It seems there are big plans that are underway. Samsung has worked with great artists before such as Rihanna of Roc Nation. It is a Korea-based company.


Tidal.com is a music streaming company that is working its way to the top of the game. The company had experienced a series of events which contributed negatively. Previously, there had been leaders defecting from the enterprise, and the company also struggled with financial issues. However, while many thought that the company would go down to the drain, there is now new development and Jay-Z the talented rapper decided to hire Desiree Perez to help in the management of the company. The company has seen strains regarding finances, but that is now gone. The company is now at the top, and there are great things that are happening right now.  Check this on hitsdailydouble.com


Large corporations such as Google and Spotify have been looking forward to signing a deal because they know the potential that the firm has. There are also other investors who have approached Desiree Perez so as to seal a deal but that seemed not to go through probably because their offers were not such lucrative.

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Running a music streaming company needs someone who is strong willed and who is ready to negotiate for good deals. There is no one else who could occupy this position apart from the great associate of Jay-Z, Desiree Perez. She is a woman who has succeeded in business as well as in the management of business. She has seen the development of many great artists. It is because of being able to make a smart decision that makes her able to negotiate for great deals. She also runs the Roc Nation Sports which is also owned by Jay-Z.

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