Russian Wildfires Burn out of Control, Killing 23


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Wildfires are blazing out of control in Siberia, and they are being blamed for the death of 23 individuals, according to local authorities. The blazes, which started over the weekend, closed in on a dozen villages, engulfing them quickly and leaving them charred. Nearly 5,000 people are reportedly homeless due to the blaze, and there appears to be no end in sight.

Sam Tabar has learned that the blaze is currently burning in Khakassia, an eastern region of Siberia in Russia. Authorities and experts believe the blaze started when local farmers burned dry grass. Unusually warm and windy weather caused a quick spreading of the fires. The fire was further aided by a lack of precipitation and windy weather, kicking the embers into trees and grass along the way. From there, the fire simply spread and grew out of control.

According to researchers, wildfires of this nature are not uncommon in Russia. Because of a dry climate, wildfires tend to occur during heatwaves. In 2010, for example, Russia experienced a serious heatwave that kicked off several wildfires. The fires burned close to Moscow, covering it in a blanket of soot and smoke.

This years fire, however, appears to be the largest and among the most costly. Authorities claim the damages exceed $95 million already, a sum that the faltering Russian economy will have a hard time recovering from. Experts and workers are currently on the scene attempting to contain the fires, but little progress has been made, according to the local press.

Tornadoes Strike Illinois Towns


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Multiple tornadoes made landfall in Illinois on Thursday. One appeared 80 miles from Chicago and injured at least 11 people. A 67-year-old woman in Fairdale died in her home, according to the DeKalb County coroner Dennis Miller. Her family found the body. Nearly all the buildings in Fairdale, which has a population of 150, were damaged. Our of the 75 or so buildings in town, 17 were destroyed, and 50 were damaged.

The nearby town Rochelle was largely spared, but a tornado did hit a restaurant called Grubsteakers. According to the Daily Chronicle, 14 people were trapped in the wreckage but were later successfully rescued.

Jaime Garcia Dias ( has read that, according to the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page, the Flagg Township area was struck by a tornado. At a news conference, Sheriff Brian VanVickle reported that 20 homes, including his own, were destroyed, while 50 to 100 sustained significant damage. Several people were injured and are being treated at an area hospital.

According to CNN, there were also tornadoes in Ohio and Iowa. The National Weather Service said there was a 50 mile-long path of tornado damage. It began west of Rochelle and ended in McHenry County.