I Choose Beneful Because…


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We love our dogs and want the best for them. As loving members of our family, they provide love, companionship, and protection. Many of us have enjoyed the companionship of our dogs for many years, watching them grow from active puppies to elderly, loving, friends. However, it can be challenging to determine exactly what is best for our dogs. There are so many variables to consider including; breed, size, and age. How much exercise do they need? What is the best food for them?

Yet, for us to enjoy our dogs, we have to ensure that they are healthy. A major part in keeping our dogs healthy is ensuring they have a healthy diet. We have to learn what foods are best for our dogs and what foods to avoid. Our local veterinarian is a good source to get the best information on having healthy dogs, but he/she does not have to be our only source. We can educate ourselves by researching just what our dog needs. What is the best food we can feed our four-legged friends?

There are hundreds of dog food brands from which to choose and each has numerous choices with many different flavors and content. Whether we choose dry or wet, one brand stands out above all – Beneful.

Since 2001, Beneful has been proven to be an excellent source for quality dog food. Beneful has a wide array of food choices to meet whatever our pet needs or likes. Also, there are specific choices for the specific needs of our pet. Is he overweight? Then there is a selection for the overweight pet. Is he a puppy or an older dog? There are specific choices for them as well. All choices have high protein content and an excellent ratio between protein, carbohydrates, and fats.
Beneful provides dry or wet dog food and treats as well. Each type has a wide selection from which to choose. Each type offers different meats as the primary protein source. If my pets do not like chicken, then I can choose turkey, beef or lamb. Whatever the need, whatever the preference, Beneful gives me a choice. I choose Beneful; it’s the best.

Nestle Bottles Water From Drought-Stricken California, Sells It Back To California


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Nestle is under fire after it became world news that one of its bottling plants, Nestlé Waters North America, which has been based out of Sacramento since 2010, is bottling water from the drought-stricken state and putting it back on the market.

This is not good for Nestle, a company that was heavily criticized only two years ago after CEO Peter Brabeck went on the record to say that clean water should not be a basic human right, and instead should be bottled and sold to remind consumers of its value.

The California drought has now hit its fourth year, and residents are appalled that a major company like Nestle is taking their limited water and selling it at a profit. While Nestle is trying to assure the public that it is paying for the water just like everyone else, there’s a question of human ethics as to whether Nestle is doing the right thing for Californians.

It takes 1.3 gallons of water for every gallon of water Nestle bottles, and 80% of it is staying in California. Meaning that Nestle is taking a much needed natural resource, repackaging it, and selling it back to the people, to put it lightly says Susan McGalla.

Sacremento activists plan to hold a demonstration in June.