Meet Slyce – A Leader in Product Recognition Technology


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Ever wondered what kind of jacket someone walking past by you is wearing? Or ever wonder what kind of item is being displayed on a storefront that is not labeled? Did you ever want to purchase these items yourself? If you said yes to any of the following questions then you should consider getting a product recognition technology application for your smartphone.

What exactly is product recognition technology? It is technology that allows you to determine what kind of brand of clothing a person is wearing, what product is being displayed on a storefront, or any item that you spot somewhere that peaks your curiosity. Product recognition technology allows you to find out what the item is exactly and gives you details such as what the product is called and where you can purchase it online or in store.

So how does product recognition technology work? Product recognition technology works in a straightforward manner. You take a photo of an item with your smartphone using an image recognition technology app. The item in the photo is then analyzed by a computer program that has a database of items. After the analysis is complete, you get a result that lists the details of the item, such as name, brand, price and where it can be purchased. Product recognition technology uses the features of the item in the photograph to come up with a matching product or item. It analyzes features such as color, patterns, textures, logos, size and tags. New advancements in image recognition technology are being developed to make results more accurate.

A leading company in the development of product recognition technology applications is Slyce. They have created numerous apps that allows users to download applications that will determine what brand and style an item is by taking a simple photograph. Slyce also works with major retail chains such as Neiman Marcus and small businesses alike in developing custom tailored image recognition technology apps. Businesses have seen a significant increase in e-commerce sales after partnering with Slyce and using their image recognition technology apps.

If you have your own line of clothing or unique specialty items, you can partner with Slyce to have your item listed in their database. Users can then use the image recognition technology app from Slyce to take photos of clothing and items that peaks their curiosity. If a person happens to stumble upon an item of yours, and it is returned by the app, then you have a potential sale right there. Businesses large and small can benefit by using Slyce’s apps. Slyce also has apps for scanning coupons directly onto smartphones for easy and convenient use.

Product recognition technology is an exciting and revolutionary new way of shopping. It gives shoppers the chance to find out what an item is and purchase it right away if they must have it. Businesses can benefit from increased sales by having their items and products listed in product recognition technology databases. The product database is constantly expanding and evolving, and new developments and apps are underway.

The Iran Nuclear Deal Is Still A Mystery To Many Republican


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The Obama Administration wants to get the Iran nuclear deal signed, but most Republicans in Congress don’t like the deal. Senator John McCain from Arizona says the Obama version of the deal and the Iranian version of the deal are different. Even former Secretaries of State George Shultz and Henry Kissinger are weighing in on the agreement. Both men say the deal poses serious consequences to national security.

Republicans say the agreement between Iran and six other countries is not in the best interest of those countries. Republicans feel Iran is getting a better deal, and they want to end talks until Iran agrees to other stipulations. The main stipulation is not lifting the embargo against Iran unless all conditions of the agreement have been met. Iran wants the sanctions lifted the day the agreement is signed. That date is June 30.

One thing is clear to Ricardo Tosto. Iran wants the sanctions lifted so their economy can begin to grow once again according to numerous sources. That’s the main reason Iran is agreeing to anything. Republicans in Congress say they want to be part of the final decision to sign the deal, and that could be a move that ends the deal. Most insiders say that won’t happen. Others insiders say Iran won’t sign the deal unless they get what they want. It sounds like the agreement isn’t an agreement yet. Republicans like that, and they will try to keep it that way.

Alternatives to Raising the Minimum Wage


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With the national minimum wage set at $7.25 the absolute most a person could earn from working a standard week of 40 hours is $290 before taxes. That equates to $15,080 per year again…before taxes. Why anyone or any company would ever believe this would be enough to sustain even one person in the economy is absolutely ridiculous. Even if that same person worked two jobs at the standard 40 hours roughly half of the total hours in seven days this would still not equal $30,000 after taxes. Yet, according to the federal guidelines for poverty, this level is set at $11,770. Granted that anyone making less than $1,000 is living in poverty many would assert that even at minimum wage this is still far from adequate to sustain a person living in the modern economy.

How is this problem solved? Does the government step in and increase the minimum wage an employer must pay its lowest employee? Well many economists would agree that this would do nothing but increase the costs of goods thus repeat the vicious cycle for these low earning people. An alternative to this is allowing for government subsidies for low income earners and their families. Programs such as WIC, Medicaid, even the Affordable Care Act were all based on leveling the playing field, which is something Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG understands. But all this has done is make people dependent on the subsidy and allowing the company’s they work for to have even higher profits while not returning those funds to the people that made the possible. But here is another alternative…limit the price of the goods sold for items that are subsidized by the government. Thus will limit profits and keep goods affordable.

The Eurozone Responds Positively To New Greek Letter


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The Eurozone President Jeroen Dijsselbloem answered “positively” to the letter of Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, a government source disclosed on Saturday in Athens. “Last night (Friday)” the President of the Eurogroup has “responded positively to the Greek minister”, “also emphasizing the need to continue discussions on the Euro Working Group, the instance of the euro zone at the level of senior officials and between technical teams, so that the decision of 20 February can be implemented,” the source said.

Folks at Bulletproof Coffee ( have learned that, on February 20, the Greek partners had agreed, after tough negotiations, to help the new government of radical left as long as it has a deemed credible reform program. On Friday, Mr. Varoufakis sent a letter to Mr. Dijsselbloem giving many details about the seven reforms that Athens would lead in priority: reactivation of a tax consultant “independent” to assist the government in achieving its fiscal targets, improved budget preparation methods, incentives for the payment of back taxes, sale of licenses for online gaming, administrative simplification for facilitating business life, social measures to the most vulnerable and hiring tax auditors for specific missions. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a conference in Venice, Mr. Varoufakis said on Saturday that Greece and its partners to discuss the “process by which the reforms will be defined, implemented and evaluated before being considered by the Eurozone.”

California in Dire Straits over Lack of Water


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Now in its fourth year of enduring extreme drought, California is facing big water rationing. Brought on by insufficient precipitation, along with hot temperatures and snow packs that are the lowest in history, the water reserves that California does still have are quickly disappearing. The state is in such dire need of water, with no relief in sight, that Jay Famiglietti, a NASA scientist, believes California will have gone through all its treasured caches of water within a year.

No need to panic just yet though. Fortunately for California’s general public, Famiglietti’s casual statement will not come to fruition in a years’ time. Per the Metropolitan Water District of southern California’s general manager Jeffrey Kightlinger, “It’s a glib generalization of where the situation is at,” maintaining that the 19 million citizens of Southern California will not have their water supply cut off. With rationing and conscious usage, the water reserves in his districtwill sustain the population for at least three more years.

Folks at Anastasia Date have learned that, with farmers using 80 percent of the state’s water supply, they are likely to be hit the hardest. Some of California’s farmers have had their water supply limited, forcing some 400,000 acres of good farming land to be shut down last year, with an expected one million to be unused this year. This is bad news for consumers of fruits and vegetables. Almost half of the nuts and produce the U.S. consumes comes from these now barren croplands. Because of health and sanitation issues, water slated for farmland may need to be re-routed to the public. Without water, farmers of pistachios, almonds and grapes for wine will die, along with millions of dollars the farmers would have reaped from these crops that require water daily.

NASA Testing Better Lansing Technology


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NASA is testing new landing technology that will be used on future trips it attempts to take to Mars. The new rocket is called the Autonomous Descent and Ascent Powered-flight Testbed (ADAPT for shot), and is a rocket capable of landing itself on far away planets. NASA has taen the rocket on a test drive twice, both times in December, with plans to give in a try in a read-world Mars situation soon.

Sergio Cortes ( has read that, unlike other rockets ADAPT comes with a special Terrain Relative Navigation that allows the rocket to be landed in an exact spot, even when it’s been sent from Earth. It’s able to make such a precise landing based on a photo it takes of the terrain. It keeps taking photos, and compares the photo it takes with photos we already have of the area, allowing it to pinpoint its landing location.

ADAPT lands vertically, and does do in such a way that the rocket shouldn’t be harmed when it hits the ground. That part is extra important. NASA hopes to reuse the ADAPT rockets on several different trips, something it doesn’t typically do.

Over Ten Thousand Trees Planted in China By Two Special Men


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Does everyone have something to offer the world, even those who are faced with a disability of some kind? Most definitely. Can everyone help to change the world, can everyone do something that will be noticed and appreciated? It seems so.

Two men in China are making a difference, they are changing their country, and they are doing so despite the difficulties that they face on a daily basis. What are these men doing? They are planting trees. They are planted a large amount of trees. These men have planted over ten thousand trees in China. These men have made a difference in their country through the planting of these trees stated Alaor BMG. These men are working hard to change the world around them, and they are doing it despite all that they face.

Just what do these men face on a regular basis? One of the men is blind and works hard to plant the trees despite the fact that he can’t see them. The other man has no arms, yet he works extra hard in order to help out his companion. These men are faced with daily struggles, yet they push on. These men could give up and leave the tree planting task to someone else, yet they push on. These men are full of determination, and they care about the world around them more than they care about themselves.

Cyclone Pam Slams South Pacific Islands


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The Vanuatu island chain may be suffering from communication difficulties, but the impact of Cyclone Pam slamming into the South Pacific islands is being noted across the world. Cyclone Pam, a Category 5 storm, attempted to decimate Vanuatu March 14.

Downed lines have made communication difficult, but news of the damage has made its way across the globe as UNICEF workers keep news networks updated. Alice Clements, of UNICEF New Zealand, described the area as a “debris littered catastrophe.”

Deaths were reported from the outlying islands, but a body count has not been confirmed. Photographs have begun to make their rounds, showing what appears to be a battered warzone.

Hurricane Katrina slammed into the southern gulf coast states in August 2005. The storm’s winds were measured at 175 mph. While Cyclone Pam’s steady winds clocked in at 155 mph, wind gusts of over 200 mph were reported.

The storm dumped more than nine inches of rain in some areas, leading to flash flooding.

Cyclone Pam was later downgraded to a Category 4 storm.

People around the world are displaying higher education customer service as humanitarian efforts are already underway. Many residents sought shelter in the cities, where commercial buildings were stronger than the vulnerable residential homes. The Australian chapter of the Red Cross began a social media campaign, reaching out for assistance in providing food, shelter, and medical assistance to those in need.

Keurig Pods Are Hurting the Environment, and the Co-Inventor Doesn’t Even Own One


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John Sylvan, co-inventor of the Keurig machine, is speaking out against the product. Invented in 1992 along with Peter Dragone, his college roommate, Sylvan intended on the one-cup coffee maker to be used in business break rooms and not in millions of households across the globe. Sylvan thought of the invention as, “like a cigarette for coffee, a single-serve delivery mechanism for an addictive substance.”

Now, due to the high volume of waste created by the K-Cups used in the machines, Sylvan says he now feels bad about creating it, like he created a monster. The tons of pod waste generated by the machines is bad for the environment. The estimated number of pods dumped at waste sites in 2014 alone is said to be enough to encompass the Earth twelve times.

Sylvan no longer is a part of Keurig, having sold his shares of the company for $50,000 in 1997. A Keurig spokesperson said in a statement, that they take the matter of recycling the pods “very seriously,” and that the company has made many changes since Sylvan was a part of it. Keurig also pledges to continually make the pods recyclable, with all of them being 100 percent recyclable by the year 2020.

Because of the environmental problems the product poses, Sylvan doesn’t even own one of the machines. According to AnastasiaDate, he said that he had tried sharing his ideas on making the pods eco-friendly, but no one would listen. Sylvan also remarked that they are expensive to use, and drip coffee isn’t difficult to make.

Volcano Erupts in Chile


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Chile is seeing the skies light up from a volcano that has recently erupted. The lave spay from the volcano is estimated to be at about 1,000 meters. Alexei Beltyukov knows that there have been evacuations in the area so that people can get to a safe location instead of staying in their homes. While this is a dangerous situation because of the people, homes and businesses involved, it is still a spectacular sight whenever you see a volcano erupt. If you are fortunate enough to see the event take place at night, then you can see the beautiful array of flames and lava on a dark background. This isn’t something that is to be taken lightly, but there are photo opportunities for those who enjoy seeing nature at it’s brightest. When the volcano erupted, it was larger than the size of the volcano itself, sending a bang to neighboring areas that made them automatically run from their homes.