Flooding in Texas and Oklahoma


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in A Storm's a Brewin', Oklahoma, Southwestern Floods, Texas | Posted on 26-05-2015

Heavy rains have plagued the southern midwest of the United States with the states of Texas and Oklahoma being the most impacted by the rains. These rains have led to massive flooding That has resulted in the deaths of six people. One of the deceased was a young woman who was returning home after her high school prom.

Houston is the third biggest city in the United States and this population is now in the path of the storm. Weather experts predict that six to eight inches of water will be expected to hit the city in the next twenty four hours. Further it is expected that this rain will lead to eighty thousand homes being knocked off line and without power. Houston has also decided to close their schools for the time being with them closed for at least Tuesday.

This storms is occurring just as California is suffering from one of the worst droughts in their history. These droughts are leading to massive conservation programs and even guilt photos of those who are not following conservation practices.

In Houston police are receiving over 150 distress calls daily. Over the next few days the storm is supposed to move on to these east and give Louisiana residents a break. However, as the local FreedomPop team was afraid of,  New Orleans and Louisiana will be the next areas impacted by this storm. Still, California residents can’t help but be a little envious of their predicament.