Sponsors of the Dallas Women’s Foundation Luncheon.


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Online Banking | Posted on 15-11-2017

A bank called Nexbank SSB that is located in Dallas was a major supporter of the Dallas Women’s Foundation Annual Luncheon, 32nd Edition. The bank presented a cheque of $100,000 that went to supporting women in terms of economic security with leadership.

The event was held on 20th of October at Hilton Anatole Hotel, Dallas. Dr. Hope Jahren was the invited guest who addressed the meeting. He is one of the TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Influential People and that is where he earned respect. He is a famous scientist and a best-selling author. The address was streamed to many students and a couple of schools all across North Texas.

As an annual luncheon by Dallas Women’s Foundation, over 1,300 leaders who are in the government, business, and are also leaders in the society attended. The foundation is an established entity that is reputable in USA as the largest women’s fund. It has a goal of progressing women economically. They are not limited to women alone but also help young girls in the country become leaders of tomorrow.

Nexbank is a promoter who should be recognized for the support they offer. The firm was established in 1922 and has assets of over $6.4 billion dollars. They help clients find the best banking services ranging from; mortgage banking, commercial banking to institutional services. The institutions that get their services can be institution clients, other financial firms and large companies. The larger NexBank Capital Inc. is the mother company.

The leadership of the firm is James Dondero who is the co-founder and also is the president of another company called Highland Capital Management. Other individuals in the leadership positions are focused and always committed to the success of the company. Performance of Nexbank is clear that they are strong in capital level. Liquidity profile is excellent and their gains are good too. The Kroll Bond Rating Agency gave them good ratings as having one of the best stability. Nexbank has recently upgraded ratings in unsecured debts.