Bruce Levenson Success


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Working the NBA is hard work. The pressure from fans is high, and you have to succeed in winning on the court and in bringing in sales. When Bruce Levenson took over for the Atlanta Hawks, the team was in a bad spot. Not only were they looking at moving the team to a different place, but they were also thinking that fan support was so low to just quit the franchise from existing. However, Bruce Levenson had a plan and was able to make it work. According to ESPN, he is a great example that hard work and a plan can help you go really far in life. He never quit on his team or his city.

Charity Work

During his time with the Hawks, Bruce Levenson also did a lot of charity work ( He has always been interested in helping people get to the next level in life, especially if they grew up without a lot of resources on their side. If you want to invest in your future, education is the best way to do that. However, few people understand how big of a deal it is to get someone from the inner cities to school. Bruce Levenson did this on a regular basis, and he was able to work up his reputation within the area.


Right now, Bruce Levenson finds himself involved in a lawsuit that he is not happy about. There are a lot of people who are worried about him, especially when it comes to his finances. He is now having to pay a lot of money in attorney fees, and few people understand why. He has had a good run with the Hawks, but the time is now to let him get to the next level. Bruce Levenson will continue to drive for growth within the city. FOr more info, visit


Why Do Some Businesses Need Online Reputation Management?


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Any business will tell you that their reputation is all that they got. The moment a scandal is on the rise, the business needs to start consulting their publicist to find out how to fix the issue and make sure the brand gets back on top and the scandal is gone entirely. There are so many people who have wonderful businesses that they want to protect as much as possible. If you aren’t sure as to why some businesses will hire a reputation management company, here’s the exact reason why:

Why Do Some Businesses Need Online Reputation Management?

The reason why businesses will hire a company to help their brand and business is to use sure that their reputation online is protected completely. The truth about a business and their online presence is that it is so easy to fail in this business and lose out on growth if they don’t know what they are doing. Your business needs to watch out for online reputation problems that may occur. If you don’t know what you are doing with your reputation and you don’t know how to handle the work at hand, it may be a good option to consider having a professional help you out.

Any business will tell you that they only want their business to stay afloat and potentially thrive. The people who have hired companies like Status Labs know that they need intense protection online. The very moment that you fail to protect your reputation online is when you start seeing customer growth just falling down.

Every single businessman will tell you that any brand that wants to be proactive and avoid future struggle can easily work with Status Labs for fast progress. Darius Fisher, the creator of the company, s team is filled with expert marketers that can help prevent future problems with your brand name. Fisher knows how to find the right marketers and publicists to help repair any deflating brand. They have a team of experts who bring together their smart ideas and help ordinary businesses with their reputation. Now anybody can save their business with the help of Status Labs’ services.

Darius Fisher is the man who has created Status Labs. He has worked extensively hard over the years to help provide reputation management to all companies and brands. His programs and how he approaches the industry is what has allowed him to change the lives of countless business owners to stay afloat and still grow.

Dr Jennifer Walden: Personality Traits for Success


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Dr. Jennifer Walden has been named as one of the best surgeons among 24 other surgeons in an issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. She is acknowledged as a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery. She has also received training in New York City among the best cosmetic surgeons. She has successfully established a practice in that area. She eventually returned to Austin in order to establish her own cosmetic surgery location. She is someone to look up to when it comes to cosmetic surgery. She has made a huge impact in the industry of cosmetic surgery. She is known in the media and has even written some work as a published author.

Women with her looks and success are often expected to be rather cold, stuck up and even snobby. Dr. Jennifer Walden is in fact the opposite of that. She is very calm, warm and friendly. She does work a busy schedule. At the same time, she does not appear to be in a rush. She is in control of her office in a firm manner. At the same time, when one is asked about her, harsh would not be the term that they would use. Given the power she has gained as a woman, she does show a soft motherly side when it comes to her twins.

One thing that helps Jennifer Walden gain such a reputation as someone who is successful an friendly is that she wants others to feel good about themselves. So if she wants that for other people, then naturally, she would treat people and interact with them in a way that would make them feel valuable. Even as a cosmetic surgeon, she helps people feel good about themselves as they are. Her warm and welcoming disposition is what attracts people to her office.

One trait that she has which helps her succeed is determination. Anyone that is looking to succeed in any field needs to be determined. Determination is what gets people through the discouragement and the obstacles that they inevitably face when trying to pursue some careers of their choices. Jennifer Walden is one of those people that are inspiring examples of people who have put in all of the work needed in order to make a name for themselves. She has also not allowed her success to go to her head and become prideful about it. She sees the same greatness in others that she has achieved.

The Need for Human Rights Activists


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There are many different groups that need human rights activists. As a matter of fact, almost every group has a need for human rights activists. After all, human nature is unfair. There are tons of unfair actions being committed towards people who are not as favored as the others. There are many cases where certain groups of people are treated with the most blatant disregard and hatred due to the group that they are a part of. In the more developed countries, the unfair treatment is a little more subtle, and only the very sensitive could recognize it. However, human rights violations come in all shapes and sizes.

What constitutes as a human rights violation is not just the action, but how it makes the victim feel. However, just because someone feels victimized does not mean that his or her human right has been violated. Human rights activists are not just to be a cheerleader to the person who feels slighted, but to also educate the person in order to help him or her see whether or not what happened to this person is in fact a violation of his rights. If it turns out to be a violation of human rights, then the victim could pursue something against the perpetrator.

The more subtle ones are often so subtle and tiny that it could pass under the radar. There are tons of apparent violations of rights that are always committed to people. They often feel unfair, but when the person thinks about it, he can’t really say anything about it because it was just on the edge of right or wrong. One example is when a man walks into a store to buy something and the worker or manager tells him to leave. He may feel discriminated against or slighted, but the store does have a sign that says that they have the right to refuse service for any reason.

The more blatant forms of human rights violations involve incidents like what Yeonmi Park went through. She was raised in an inhumane society where she was taught to just be quiet. She has also been in really harsh conditions when she was sold and bought in human trafficking. Park was merely an object, not a person. The conditions that she was brought up in have proven to be completely dehumanizing. Yet, it is those circumstances and knowing that there is something better in a country like America that has inspired her to become a human rights activist. She has shared her life with many people and continues to fight for the rights of others.