George Soros Rise to Prominence


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George Soros was originally born in Hungary and migrated to the USA seek greener pastures. As a young man he had grandiose dreams to make it big. He realized as while still young that money made the world go round and he sought to make as much of it as possible. This attitude is what has worked for him so well. George Soros New York hedge fund manager is arguably one of the most politically powerful individuals on earth. He has extensively used his resources to shape the political landscapes of several countries including the United States. He has managed to topple some dictatorial regimes that have continually oppressed its citizenry. He is currently known to affect American politics in more profound ways than any living person.

Soros influence can be tied to his personal fortune amounting to $13 and another $25 in Investment in assets. His firm Soros Fund Management is one of the most successful hedge funds in Wall Street. In his book The Alchemy of Finance, Soros views himself as a self important personality by even comparing himself to renowned Economist John Maynard keynes. Despite his high regard for himself, Soros is a soft man at heart. He is considered one of the most philanthropic persons in the country. Through his Open Society Foundations, he has provided funding to non-profit and human rights organizations to further his cause for a democratic and socially equal society. The Open Society Foundations are set up in several countries around the world and are not limited to the United States.

Soros has had critical reviews of oppressive regimes and most accurately George bush. He was against Bush’s administration on foreign policy. The 9/11 attacks was a confirmation by Soros of the deteriorating foreign policy and soros called out the president. Soros claimed that Bush was the very definition of all that was evil and he didn’t have the ideals of democracy and human rights at heart. He sensationally claimed that terrorism was at large a consequence of economic sabotage and exploitation of poor countries by wealthier counterparts. Soros aim was to improve the social conditions of people around the world and push governments redistribute wealth. He called on rich countries to provide international assistance to the less developed ones. This was in line with his agenda for the world.

The Opportunities Created by Dick DeVos


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Of the many prominent families that are known for their success within the industry of business as well as known for their generosity to local communities across the United States, one of the most prominent families is the DeVos family, an expanding legacy that will continue to be remembered within many communities all over the country. One of the leaders of this family legacy expansion is an individual named Dick DeVos, a dedicated individual who not only has a talent for business, but also has a talent for showing kindness and making sure that every single decision that he has made in the world of business has been for the good of others.


The DeVos family is the proud owner as well as the proud developer of a company that is known as Amway Corporation, a company that is an international corporation that offers goods and services that are of the household variety that come at an inexpensive price. Dick DeVos has always been a man of business as well as a family man who knew even before attending a formal school that he wanted to become a part of this industry. With a father who developed a multi-billion dollar corporation, Dick DeVos wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father in order to make him proud.


Among his many business accomplishments, Dick DeVos is also an individual who loves giving back to local communities all across the United States. Dick DeVos believes that true success is not measured by how much is earned, but is measured by how much is given back to individuals that are in need. Dick DeVos has given back to countless organizations and foundations that have helped improve local communities and have helped to boost the local economies that have created new and better opportunities for each citizen.


Among the many initiatives that Dick DeVos is a part of, Dick DeVos is extremely interested in education and building a better education system for the future that is based upon merit and not based upon the income of the family. As a hard worker as well as as an academic in college, Dick DeVos appreciates a good education and believes that education that is of the highest quality is the key to success for the future. With much time and effort that has been spent on this initiative, good results will be demonstrated in the near future.


Keith Mann Donates to Education


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Education is one of the most important areas of the economy to invest in. Over the long term, this is the one area that can help people increase their standard of living over time. There are a lot of people who claim to care about education. Few people actually invest in education in the New York area like Keith Mann. Over a long period of time, education is an integral part of the economy for many people. In a recent development, Keith Mann announced the funding of even more schools. It is important to recognize his achievement in the field overall. There are a lot of people looking for ways to fund education even more than he has. However, few people have actually put money into the area like he has.

Mann has had a lot of success in business over the long term. Not only has he developed rapidly in a corporate setting, but he has also started a variety of his own companies. This is a great way for Keith Mann to develop his skills and influence in the field. There are few people who are able to impact the industry like he is. Investing in education is one of the most important things that anyone can do, and Keith Mann shows constantly that he cares about people from all income levels. Anyone who is wanting to help others should take a lesson from Keith. He has been able to change many schools in the New York area simply by investing his time and his money. There are few people who are as loved in the area as him.

There are a lot of school districts that do not receive adequate funding for their children. This results in the children not being able to learn at the rate they should. Over time, anyone who wants to invest their time and money can make a positive impact in the life of a child. There are a lot of ways to get involved in your local school, and Keith Mann sets a great example in his area by doing so.

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Healthy Spirit, Healthy Body: The Joseph Bismark Way


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I thought it was funny to see a businessman primarily described as being interested in a healthy lifestyle. Health is Joseph Bismark’s way of life, as described in the blog Left Handed, Right Mind.” But for Bismark, health doesn’t just mean eating your vegetables and exercising; he is concerned about the health of the spirit, too, and the health of the planet. The company for which he is the managing director is called the Qi Group, and it encourages the use of materials recycling, solar power, and paperless workflows. 

Bismark learned about the importance of being healthy in his body and mind when he spent several years in an ashram in the Philippines. He decided to leave the ashram to bring his values to the world of business. I think it is very important for businessmen to love wellness, and not just to focus on money all of the time.

Bismark is a dynamic leader and believes strongly in encouraging teamwork, creativity, and entrepreneurship in his employees. He thinks that everyone can do great things. These values have led to success for his company. He is also affiliated with the RYTHM Foundation, which gives back to the community. 

We need more business leaders to be inspiring examples of humanity. We need them to care about the health of human beings’ bodies and spirits, as well as the health of our world. Joseph Bismark’s commitment to health is therefore an inspiration to many.

Everything You Need To Know About Eric Puller


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Eric Puller is an influential entrepreneur to the eyes of many people. His passion for technology did not start just the other day. This man started doing computer related stunts when he was still a young kid. When he was in fourth grade, he was already programming computers and was excellent in it. During his early high school days, it is when he made his first stab at business when he started a database company. This man proceeded to Harvard University in the year 1984 where he majored in English and America literature. While on campus, he was still actively involved in journalism ad was at one time the editor of The Harvard Crimson. He was also attending to MIT classes while at Harvard.

Puller eventually moved to Los Angeles in the year 1991 where he started a company called People Doing Things (PDT) which was exclusively dealing with health care issues and education. This company used technology to solve problems related to the two. Following PDT’s success, in 1994, he started another interactive company called Digital Evolution.

After four years of being in active business, the company merged with US Interactive LLC in the year 1998. His love for technology and solving social problems was already evident in the first two companies he formed and that is why opportunities and more challenging ones kept knocking on his door.

This man proceeded to be part of the team that established Starbright World which was a company that dealt exclusively with chronically ill children. This company developed a platform where those children would chat, make blog posts and most importantly, meet and know others who shared similar experiences. 

This invention was a game changer in the way people dealt with chronically ill children. Puller was also selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee in the year 1997 to develop and also execute the Presidential Technology Exhibition which was held in Washington DC.

Soon after that exhibition, he was part of Vice President Al Gore’s technology and health forum that did an awesome job at advising on health care and technology initiatives. This man has made a tremendous input in various such related initiatives that have all been a success. Some of these ventures include Media Platform and Desktone. His literary genius would later be shown in practice when he co-authored a book called Understanding Enterprise SOA.

Like many similar successful entrepreneurs in his league, Puller is a philanthropic man. He donates to many non-profit organizations and also sits on the board of the X-Prize Foundation which organizes competitions that seek to solve problems related to humanity. He is particularly actively involved in causes that deal with kid problems and especially if the problems are health related.