Exploring Planets With Seas


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Planets and Space, technology | Posted on 10-04-2015

Exploring the Solar System is not limited only to the Moon and Mars. The scientists have started discussions aboutexploring the Titan, on of Saturn’s moons. The planet is covered mostly with liquid. It is something less usual, as the other planets lack any presence of liquids, especially in such quantities as 1000 kilometers extension and 300 meters in depth, the estimated size of the water basin on Titan. Igor Cornelsen (yahoofinance.com) has learned that it is the largest sea on the planet and it has been called Kraken Mare.

The idea to explore it emerged a year ago. In the meanwhile, the scientists have developed a submarine that will be used for research. Its mission will be to analyze the structure of the liquid and the bottom of the lake, the tides, the layering. A more detailed plan will be discussed soon, as the exact time for the trip is not known yet. Presumably, the full equipment and the plan will be entirely ready by 2050. at this moment, there is a video showing an approximate image of what is to happen. Is the project aimed at researching other habitable planets? Not really, as the liquid is not similar in composition with the water, but it will definitely contribute at NASA’s knowledge expansion.