Republican Grandmom Leads Charge to Legalize Marijuana


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Legalize it, Plants | Posted on 06-04-2015

The “War on Marijuana” has been a complete and utter disappointment. It is the biggest component of the more extensive yet similarly unsuccessful “War on Drugs” that has taken a toll our nation over a trillion dollars.

Rather than The United States squandering Billions upon Billions a greater amount of our expense dollars battling an endless” “War on Marijuana”, lets create Billions of dollars, and enhance the deficiency. It’s an easy decision.

Ann Lee, an 85-year-old Republican activist and grandma, is crusading for the legalization of marijuana in Texas. She has been known as the ideal weapon for legalization activists.

Lee had beforehand been contradicted to legalization until her son was in a mishap and obliged medicinal marijuana for treatment “We realized marijuana wasn’t the weed of the devil which I had been known to say,” she said. After Lee started to turn her activism toward legalization endeavors, she said she recognized individuals responded to her more strongly than at any other time. A bit confounded by all the attention, she said “It’s just me, I believe in this.”

Concerning the individuals who would question Lee in respect to how she, as a Republican dissident, can crusade on such a purported liberal subject, Lee essentially said, “It’s not Republican to help prohibition” , she said. Christan Broda has learned that Lee is going to Washington to continue her extremist streak with regards to marijuana.