Tree planting campaign continues the development of S’well for Sarah Kauss


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The founder of S’well water bottles, Sarah Kauss, has stated to CNN she stumbled into life as an entrepreneur on the back of a simple idea and the need to help the environment. Kauss has always felt she cared for the environment, which surfaced in her commitment to carrying a stainless steel water bottle throughout her career as a financial expert. Inspired by a talk on water problems given at a business school reunion in 2009, Kauss felt the time was right for her to redesign the metal water bottle she had carried for many years to suit the lifestyle and style of modern executives.

According to their Wiki page, S’well launched in 2010 and has been an almost instant success as the insulated design of the bottles has led to ice water being kept cool for 24 hours and warm liquids hot for around 12 hours. Kauss believes this can have a major effect on the amount of water lost that warms over the course of a day in a plastic water bottle and limit the upwards of 50 billion plastic water bottles released into landfills each year in the US.

The latest step in the movement to help the environment by S’well is to develop a new design for bottles that provides a wood themed effect. Purchasing one of these wood inspired bottles means S’well will plant a tree in a US forest to help the environment benefit from the switch from plastic bottles to BPA free stainless steel insulated designs. Over 20,000 trees were planted in Florida in 2014 by S’well as Sarah Kauss continues to create an environmentally and socially responsible company in a growing field.