How George Soros is Standing up to Donald Trump.


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There are few figures in the American political scene more impacting than George Soros. Ostensibly George Soros is a billionaire investor who has spent the vast majority of his life fighting for causes that he believed in. At 80 years old, and ranked as the 29th richest man on the planet, Soros continues to fight for social justice and democracy here at home in the United States as well as abroad. As a staunch progressive Soros has brought down the ire of America’s right wing in ways that are almost impossible to comprehend. In fact, if you listened just to right wing America you would be convinced that he was the boogeyman incarnate. In actuality, George Soros is one of the most important progressives in the world. Let’s look closer to his history and what he plans to do in the age of Trump and learn more about George Soros.

When Donald Trump took to the campaign trail in 2016 many people thought he was doing it as a joke in order to raise his own brand’s awareness. George Soros, a self made billionaire, was not laughing. Soros realized early on that Trump’s style of firebrand rhetoric and hateful nationalism could inspire a change in the country that was far too negative to joke about. Soros was, like many other things, correct. In fact, the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated thousands of protesters took to the streets to exemplify just how much they found his election horrifying. President Trump insulted them and laughed off their protests and read full article.

George Soros, who exists at the heart of too many laughable right wing conspiracy theories, quickly became one of the rallying figures for the progressive movement. Soros vowed early on that he was going to stand in direct opposition to the dangerous regime that Donald Trump was assembling — and we don’t use the word ‘regime’ lightly and George Soros’s lacrosse camp

What makes George Soros such a powerful figure to rally around is the fact that he has never been afraid to stand up for what he has believed in. When Soros was just a teenager he was living in Hungary as the Nazi soldiers rolled in for their year long occupation. His family didn’t turn tail and run, not immediately, and they instead stayed behind to help smuggle out other Hungarian born Jews before eventually leaving and fleeing to London and what George Soros knows.

Now, George Soros is continuing his role as the man who fights back against the oppressor only this time he has accrued generational wealth to his side and a voice for people to rally around. Soros’ involvement n American politics is a great sign for progressives in America. Soros is not afraid to put his money where his mouth is in order to fight back against Trump’s destruction and Follow his

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Koch’s Response for Growth in Trump Support


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When Donald Trump first started running for the office of the President of the United States, many people overlooked him as a non serious candidate who was only looking for publicity for himself. Trump’s success in invigorating the voters by choosing a populist platform has come as a big surprise for many political observers out there and he is currently leading for the Republican nomination.

Lots of Republican insiders and donors are not happy with the rise of Trump as he does not seem to emphasize the same ideals that they do. Many have labelled trump as a democrat for his prior support for Bill Clinton and his moves back and forth on abortion.

Charles Koch, half of the Koch brothers is one of those insiders who are not impressed. Koch has long supported the Republican nominees for President and sunk about $400 million into Mitt Romney’s campaign back in 2012. While that election left him feeling as if he didn’t get a good return on his contribution Trump has been publicly criticizing the outsized role that the Koch brothers have had On past elections. That is after the Koch brothers rejected Trumps appeal for their support who then went on a Twitter attack towards Koch.

Koch has long been involved in politics going back to the 1970s when he supported some libertarian causes and groups. Currently his focus is supporting Republican candidates for office who believe in his core stances on smaller government, lower taxes, and personal responsibility for each person’s actions. Despite the failure of the 2012 campaign Koch was planning on putting $900 million into the 2016 presidential campaign that was raised through his Super Pacs and consists of both personal money as well as money raised from outside donors in Koch’s network.

Trump changes all that and a spokesman for Koch has indicated that all options are currently on the table for Koch, other than supporting trump. Koch has resisted launching a campaign against Trump as many of the supporters in Koch’s Super Pac are also Trump supporters. That too is now on the table with Trump’s domination of the Republican primary. Alternatively Koch may simply sit out the 2016 presidential election and roll the raised money into either the next presidential raise or to some of the Senate and House races. What seemed unthinkable for someone as politically active as Koch is now in the realm of possibility.

Charles Koch Campaigns For Public Policy Revision: An Unfair America!


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Are Democrats and Republicans really favoring their cronies over public equality? Nobody’s really spoken out against this long-trending strategy, but Charles Koch boldly took up the mantle and expressed some valid points. In his very detailed Washington Post op-ed, Koch truly challenged politicians. What’s, even more, surprising is that he and campaigning delegate, Bernie Sanders are at war on the subject, shocked? It was reported that Koch went on criticizing how corrupt politicians have gained influence. Certainly, their long-standing commitment to privileged supporters has deeply hurt the nation.

With the election fully in gear for 2016, Koch’s remarks probably won’t influence the voter’s decision, but it’ll definitely pose future challenges. Charles Koch further criticized how politicians continue to segregate the nation as government policies distinctly celebrate socialism. He’s shed light on the ongoing injustice pirated by the federal government as well. By and by he’s observed that the privileged aren’t handed their due punishment irrespective of guilt. With regulations and policies favoring socialites, there’s really no equality among citizens. Now, in a world so flawed, how does the poor really get by? It’s obvious, there’s no escape from the law! Yet, when the rich commits folly, they’re pardoned and continue a normal life, untainted! Meanwhile, the poor ends up jobless and scorned.

The reality is, the poor will forever struggle as there’s no business loans, decent jobs, student sponsorship, housing or credit cards for ex-offenders. The nation needs fair public policies that extend equal opportunities and punishment for the people. After all, it’s one nation, sounds rational, doesn’t it? Koch isn’t apportioning blames to the government alone as other forces play a pivotal role in publications policy creation. Koch raised arguments about the long-standing America’s War on Poverty campaign organized by a former president, Lyndon Johnson in 1964. “Unfortunately, this initiative has failed to improve the aggressively escalating poverty rates in America, despite exhausting over $22 trillion in funding,” Koch stresses.

Who’s Charles Knoch? Born into a business empire, Charles Koch co-owns Koch Industries. A donor to various philanthropic endeavors and a renowned entrepreneur, Koch considers himself a liberal. Fred Koch started the family and the brothers continued after his reign. Today, Charles and David have expanded the dynasty into a billion-dollar-grossing franchise. Charles, the company’s chief executive controls 42% of the shares and so does his brother. Besides business, philanthropy and politics, Charles is a published author. His 2007 Market-Based Management manuscript on leadership has earned him an honorable mention.

Through the Koch charities, Charles support different humanitarian efforts across different industries. For the longest while, he’s been focusing on educational organizations of the free market. A sampling included GMU (George Manson University) prestigious Mercatus Center and IHS (Institute for Humane Studies). He’s raised funding of several Republican candidates/campaigns, culturally diverse institutions, libertarian groups and other charitable efforts too. Cato Institute is another creation of the influential Koch family as Charles founded the center with Elizabeth, his wife.

Bernie Has a Few Questions


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The United States is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest nations in the history of the world. Bernie Sanders is challenging the country and the labor boards of the nation by asking why our country has not yet met the needs of working class families living in the middle class. Why is it such a challenge for Americans to find access to good healthcare? Why is it so challenging for an individual to get a higher education because of their family’s income? Why can’t individuals working full time live on a decent working class wages? Why do older Americans have to decide each month whether to pay for medical care, shelter, or food? If parents are working honest American jobs why can’t they access high quality and affordable childcare? Bernie has been one of the only candidates regardless of political affiliation to tackle many of the problems plaguing Americans head on.


The Democratic nominee talked to the Huffington Post about where he stands on America’s biggest issues. Health Care, tuition free public education, Paid Family Leave, sick leave, paid vacation, overtime and overwork pay, and the senator concluded his statement with talking about inequality. Watts was glad to hear his take on everything. Bernie Sanders offered his readers examples and options on how to fix many of these problems. Even if those who are reading the article and those who he is running against do not agree with him he still wants to start a dialogue about the topics. If you cannot agree on how Bernie feels about the subjects they are more than welcome to give their own alternative opinions. After all, Bernie just wants to get a dialogue started.

Clinton Tells All


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Hillary Clinton made a bold move in 2009 after she announced that diplomats who happen to be gay will be given the same benefits as their heterosexual counterparts. These are the same benefits that they were denied previously. Clinton spent the next four years pushing for benefits for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality for citizens around the world. Many of the emails that were released by the State Department showed how Clinton and her top advisers looked for forward and more progressive ways to attack this issue. Many of the critics who called for Clinton and her advisors to release her emails were pleasantly surprised. Many of them believe that the emails speak for themselves and have shown how deeply committed Hillary Clinton was against LGBT people not receiving their rights on a global scale.


Hillary has since given numerous speeches on the LGBT issue. In 2011 Clinton gave one of the most memorable speeches in the history of LGBT issues that the world has seen. Clinton noted that being an LGBT identifying person does not make you less human than anyone else. Clinton was one of the first modern politicians to bring these issues at the forefront of the political scene. Hillary Clinton has always closely monitored what was going on in the LGBT community from what Sender has seen. Many of her supporters truly believe that Clinton’s fight will continue whether she makes it to the White House or not.