Republican Rick Santorum Thinks Pope Francis Should Keep His Thoughts About Climate Change To Himself


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Pope | Posted on 09-06-2015

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum Thinks His Opinions About Climate Change Carry More Weight Tha Pope Francis’s Comments Even Though The Pope Is A chemist

The Pope is about to release a papal letter to all Roman Catholic bishops about climate change. The impact of climate change on the poor is the major topic in the letter. Presidential candidate and Catholic Rick Santorum told Fox News that the Pope should focus on theology and morality and leave climate change issues to the scientists that are studying earth changes.

Santorum has expressed his thoughts about climate change repeatedly and he does not have a science background. Why is it okay for him to voice his opinion? He said the climate change issue is not an issue that the Pope should be talking about because politicians make decisions about public policy reports Eric Pulier on Someone forgot to tell the former senator that the Pope also is the leader of a country within Italy. He does have a say in public policy in that country within a country, and all over the world.

Santorum’s comments confirm the fact that some presidential candidates aren’t presidential material. They may think they are, but when they open their mouth the world thinks differently.